The Beginning .


HI , SO THIS IS US !!!  The A & F COUPLE . So basically this morning as per usual , I log in at work and fished out my email one by one only to realize that the deadline would a few months from now . So basically,  lupakan sudah . haha . Besides, my holiday mood is kicking in . There would be another 2 days before I leave for Jakarta . So this US. A 25 male and a 22 female in love and starting out very own fairytale very soon . We started way back from 2012 from the ever popular social media back then . YUP, THAT’S RIGHT ! FACEBOOK !!SO basically we are online lovers . I would be marrying my bestfriend + lover + brother in years time and this blog is dedicated to blog our journey throughout .

Ohhh , and welcome to our humble blog . hehehe


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