1888606_714063565291658_1301796296_nITS OUR 2 YEAR ANNI COMING UP ! In bout one more day , we will hit that 2 yrs being together milestone . Confirm ada orang will go , 2 tahun jerr perr . Hello not easy okay , we go thru thick and thin moments ,thin to fat moments and semuanya luhh. Not easy also handling my temperamental parents(well mostly my mother) and sometimes my annoying siblings . hah


No , we didn’t promise any gift exchange whatsoever however I applied for a half day leave tomorrow so we’ll see what’s would be on our mind by tomorrow . I was thinking of going to jb either to Larkin where there’s two kedai guahan hantaran is and also this shop called SSF Home Deco at Giant Plentong and not forgetting the KAHWIN-KAHWIN shop at Taman Perling  . To check on the prices and maybe compare with Jakarta shops afterwards . See how luh , ikutkan hati nak celebrate with food jerr . Ahh kan ,macam mana tak gemuk . So there is the two places that I feel like going to celebrate with the boy tomorrow .

Image(The halal Teppanyaki in Singapore ) located in Kembangan .We have not tried it here so celebrating it together here sounds like a new eatery check out . The other one would be none other than


(The ever popular and famous ) eatery located in Simpang Bedok . Badoque it is . Heard so many good comments and good feedbacks about the place . Banyak kali dah plan tapi asyik tak jadi jerr . zzzzz . So kalau ada rezeki , yes we will go ! Steak ,you wait for meeeee . So another shift for me to go at CO tonigt  and i shall bid goodbye to Spore the day after tomorrow .

Time to start planning my itinerary and count my expenses. Lucky for me the boy change the money already .


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