Dia kasi i ……..

Finally back in the office , after a 3 day 2 night trip to Jakarta and one day of mc yesterday . It was a very wonderful and eye opener trip . Still wish I was there with money to shop day till night . It was indeed a very well planned trip prior to our 2nd yr anni . hekhek . We shop like mad. We can go on shopping for 2-4 hrs straight without food and drink . Best part , the boy also sama . hahahaha .

What’s even better , he surprised me with an anni gift though when i told him not to . Ada hati , tertinggal barang konon . Check2 he keluarkan this from the bag , Image

A white gold necklace with few diamonds. Siap dengan certificate and the diamond telescope . Being the tough girl , i never cry pasal i nya orang tk minat ni semua . But i was so thankful that he bought me a necklace , at least i wouldn’t put it away and buat bodoh . heh . It was a nice necklace with that heart shape with the diamonds on it . Bila tanya harga ,tak nak bilang . Okay luh , will find out myself and get u a present okay bb. But thank you for everything . From the necklace to the trip to JKT and everything .


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