Jakarta Trip Day 1

Behold !! Semua yang kata Jakarta merepek , sila talk to the hand !! huahuahua

Image Why Jakarta ?? Kan takda pape ? Jam seyh , Kotor seyh , tkda pape seyh . Hah kau , you just prove me wrong . Macam mana banyak kau cakap pun nyah , I tak percaya . I have always have strong liking to Indonesia that includes Bali , Surabaya , Medan , Bandung and now Jakarta . The city that kalau org dia kaya benor .kalau miskin , miskin segala . Traffic jam ??? You got that right . Macet sungguh . We literally spend like 1 hr 30 min in a cab to like from ckk to further than pasir ris just for our friend’s wedding .


We booked our tixs during the Jetstar sale . So cheap , mine plus 15kg of baggage only $102 while the boy is only $82 . The main reason to go there is to shop and meet my friend . That’s right , I have a friend in JKT .  Nik and her family hosted us there . I tell you , they are the most wonderful you ever spend yr time with . Love her house , their humbleness and everything . So this is us when we reach SKHT airport . Nasib sampai on time , we nearly miss our flight from spore . Lucky taking taxi save us, tapi $33 from J.E to Changi Airport melampau ekk .

photo-36photo 2

( this is us when we reach the airport ) so happy to reach safely )

Chop the passport , check everything . Straight away find taxi . Always take BLUEBIRD taxi outside the airport , just like regular citycab all in singapore . First destination PASAR TANAH ABANG . heh

pasar-tanah-abangThe biggest textile , wholesale item market in Southeast Asia . Menggila nyah kat situ . Kita shop from 10 waktu indo till 2 waktu indo . fuhhhhh , we borng our kain for the semi-big day ,for raya and also the family . Not forgetting kain sembahyang and items for the dualng . yeayyy


Tons of pics to upload , but lets just cut it short okay . We say the trip to Tanah Abang is so worth it . Kain lace was at 15,000rp which is only $1.50 .Gila kan . We bought like a whole bag of fabric , telekung , kain and many more . hahahaha . And savour the most sedap sunda masakan over there .


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