Where have I been .

You see the thing about me is that I am not commited , I mean with the blog . I do keep a tumblr acocunt but that one is different . Ohh wells , must make effort next time .

So , I have post holiday syndrome , I WISH sg was cheaper like Jakarta . There , I can shop to all my heart content and eat till I feel bloated . heh . The past week have been tiring but productive , with our daily duties . We still haven’t fully finalise anything for the engagement and wedding but we keep a look out to any vendor that catches our eyes . Adam makes all the decision , all I ever do is to source it out and tell him . heh

So far , the ones that we have been looking out is our vendor for decor and the wedding location .I personally have a strong feeling towards Japanese garden but since its a combined wedding . We got to source out any bigger place to accommodate both families .

Till next entry . Mwahh


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