House or Marriage

Well hello there u’olls ,

Its been a while again , this time onto something bigger . Our plans apparently shifted to a whole new level . The House , and I mean OUR HOUSE . Apparently Adam just check with his friend and turn out that we are entitled to a whole more housing loan grant provided by HDB  given our status now before Adam graduate but yang buat sakit hati is , the upcoming BTO location is sungguh tak penting . Yishun,Sembawang and Sengkang . Ouhhhh whyyyy !!!!!!!


From the start , we have always wanted somewhere central . In which close to my parents in cck or close to adam’s parents in jurong west . So maybe we were looking at somewhere in bukit batok , cck or even jurong . We have yet to go down to HDB to enquire or make any appointment as we were trying to look at all the possibilities online . What come to mind next is of course , the balance of sale flats . that would also need luck but we are hoping that we could get one through that application .

Ohhh well , lets keep the spirit high . We felt that we should take advantage from HDB as much as we can , i mean sape seyh nak bagi 10K for a house grant . At least it lessen our payment . So yeap , till the next entry . Got to drill some sense into Adam . hahaha . He always take things slow . Dulu i tell him to apply when they open a bto for cck semua , and all he ever say was .       ” RELAX LUH , MESTI NANTI ADA BANYAK RUMAH LAGI “

Geram gila , sekarang bila nampak coursemate sendiri dah apply rumah baru nak hegeh2 cakap pasal rumah . Ishhhh . Tak nak dengar cakap gf kan , ahhh ni uhhh . Nanti bila orang dah  tak take things seriously , dia cakap i main2 . Memang patut kan .

But ohh well , doakan kita yer . Kita are still in the midst of planning . We couldnt get a proper discussion due to our busy schdule . hheheh


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