Macam tak percaya gitu .

Sometimes I’m amazed at myself , how can i support myself with the salary of my own and standing independently  and on top of that enjoy the perks of going on a holiday , spending on what i like and love and also able to stretch my spending at times .

Bukan nak angkat bakul sendiri , but late at night as I go to bed . I think of how Allah have been so merciful and forgiving and also so generous . He gave me the energy for me to work both my jobs . He gave me the strength to persevere despite knowing sometimes I have to work both jobs back to back . He gave me patience when at times people don’t know how tiring it could be . Basically he was there , he heard everything wads going thru my mind and heart .

From transport to daily food consumption to personal savings, I fend for myself . It’s hard to manage at times but I managed it just fine . But with money on hand , I realized that it could mean something which is making my parents happy . Ever since I landed a job , I got to treat them to food , stuffs that they would want and also anything that could benefit the household . So I realized that Allah yang maha mengetahui .

Having said all these bukan nak mengadu nasib , but its just that everyday i wish i would be able to taste this thankfulness to my creator for whatever he have blessed us with . The morning I get to see my parents and siblings , the night where I get to see them before I sleep . The warm feeling I get to feel around them . Indeed my parents can be a pain in the ass but they are the best parents ever . Nowadays they hardly curb my happiness , they allow me to be happy and savour my life as much in which I’m so thankful for it . So if there is anybody that is mean to them or even my whole family . Believe me , I won’t stay numb . And if anybody were to stop me from my dreams and happiness and not share any of my good moments , sorry but you don’t deserve me in your life .

Apart from that , time for me to check my work email and get on with my life . haha .

Have a fantastic Tuesday


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