Run Along now

Okay set my mind and heart on what I could contribute for the sis engagement in the mid April . Since we would’t want to spend too much money on food , why not provide something from our very own kitchen . hehe

Here it is , my top 2 FAV ITEM that i will always make whenver i’m free .

That’s right Nutella Blossoms or any flavour in there . So easy to to this lovelies as they only require steaming . heheh . Tapi part nak decorate tu mcm ermmmmm. So next one would be ,

Yup , vanilla classic cream puff or custard cream puff . Kalau rajin maybe i will dipped it in chocolate or even do eclairs . hehehe .

Better list down the right recipe and ingredients so that i won’t be rushing to find those items few days before . Might do a little groceries shopping in jb sometime next week . Have not started to gubah her ferrero rocher tower also . Dang , need to find the styrofoam asap . mehehehe

*all photos credited from google .com


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