2015 coming up


Kasaisayang already posted their availability for their 2015 decor package . But !!!

They are fully booked for Dec 2015 . Alahaiiiiii !! Okay truth is , kasaisayang is one of those vendors we truly adore for their decor but when we eventually look around igs , fb , we found out that there is a few more comp that cater good decor services but like fmevents,jentayu gallery and more , kasaisayang is also the popular ones . Apa nak buat , jodoh tkda nk book them for decor .Okay , we should keep our options open . Sabar yerr nak


3 thoughts on “2015 coming up

      • eliblr says:

        Mine is September and I enquired with them a year and half before wed date lor. Still fully booked. So sad. And yes you can! Lagipun nowadays banyak decor company. U can consider taking daundco also! Kak jannah is really friendly and will try her best to meet to ur expectation. 🙂 and all the best to u!

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