Dh kena stoned !!!

Salam semua ,

Its Tuesday today , so here I am sittin on my ass on my desk doing my work while blogging . Multi task at its best . heh . So over the weekends , we had our time together . On Saturday , we had like an hour of Badminton session with 3 of his friends . Why 1 hour ?? pasal bawah my block ajerr . hahaha . I went down initially to see them play , end up dia pun main jgk pakai selipar . The result .

Penat , sakit tangan and sleepy ! haha . So they ditched me afterwards to head up to JB to pump petrol , well the mother doesn’t really like me to travel to jb by bike so i be a good gf and understand everytime he want to head up to jb with his friends . heh. So I had a good sleep and prep myself for my part time job the next morning .

Sunday . Bangun lambat by an hour and thank god mange to reach just in time in order for me to end my job an hour later . haha . Trip from Yew Tee to Orchard takes 45 to an hr depends how fast the train is . hahah . The plan for today is go work , go home , weddng and window shopping . The idea of keeping a lookout for our ring is also there . Muahahaha . So end work at 130 , Adam fetched me and send me home to have a clothes change for the wedding . So since by bike , of course no skirt , kebaya and baju kurung luh kan . hahha

To my surprise , the wedding is the first i ever encounter  . The groom is one of the member in Adam bike group which is called Trackies Kakis . So this guy is our friend and he got married . Love the food , the briyani dam and the side dishes but the most surprising thing is . You can’t sit with your partner . Yeap , seperate . Man one side at the back . The ladies one side at the front . From what I heard and being told , the family is a pious family . Marriage is consider a sacred matrimony so if you are not married . Then sorry , they are not going to be held responsible for the sin . Something like that lahh . hmmm . Well , if you say so .  So this is us

( the one on the left in white , yeap thats me ) haha

Alahai nasib pelamin tak roboh , kesian bride dia tak nampak . hahaha. Okay so they move off to the bride side and we salam the parents , get the berkat and relax one corner . Slowly everybody goes off , for soccer , for ice cream for work and we also move off to our first destination . To TKC at joo chiat . Check out ming seng and meyson and for the second time . Nahhh , nothing caught our eyes . Being me , i get lapar so easily so we head to Teh Tarik for putu piring . Alahai so rindu . We get putu piring , coke and teh and lepak . So we paln our next destination . I was planning to call the day off. Tired u know , from morning . But he insisted we get the ring by today so that he don’t have to think about it anymore . Usually a days like this end with                                                                                                   ” oklah kita balik rumah lepak , next week kita cari lagi ” . huahauahau

On the bike tu dia kata , balik rumah dia dulu boleh tak so he cn put the things down and shower a while .I said ok but im staying downstairs .So dia sorang jerr yang nak mandi lahh . tskkk . And probably after this head over to JEM to get dinner and window shop .

So change , shower and off we go to JEM . Show him the ring that my bestfriend and I saw at Lee Hwa and boy , he wasn’t impressed by it . Tapi according to our budget sesuai sangat . 5++ jerr. Cheap kan . Our budget was 600-700 plus for my engagement ring . Lee Hwa officially out . Most of their rings either tak lawa or too mahal . I am someone who prefer the normal ring setting . No infinity , no curve , no side diamonds . No gold for tunang . NADAAA ~

Something simple , a bit of norm and definitely a single diamond .

Look through the directory , opposite Lee Hwa was Soo Kee . We were served by a guy by the name of Edmund . He was so nice and accommodating .He make us feel welcome and serve us and share a few tips and stories . Set my eyes on two of it which is within our budget , a 600 plus ring . It was nice , a single diamond, the perfect setting but the band was sort of too thin. I don’t know why it doesn’t feel right . So we told him , we put it on hold for two days in case there isnt anything that catches our attention .

He recommended us to go to this m+y shop that cater to rings for guys . Not a jewellery shop but its definitely better than silver corner , couple lab or apa2 luh . Browse through and jeng3 , we found the ring for him . A surgical steel ring with a 0.03 diamond , can be engraved and comes with a nice box . Plus they having a 20% if u like their page on fb . After disc was $70 plus . Like omgeeee . Paid up and left the store .

So one down , time for mine . So we were hungry by the time , try to look out for fast food is there is any . Sekali , “eh b , ada sk jewellery kat sini .” Sothe bf cepat2 say , ok lets go before kedai tutup and just like that we found the one .

The setting , the single diamond , the cut and everything . I was over the moon . Though is $73 more than the one at Soo Kee . Boy , we were glad we found the one . It looks perfect on my finger .  And Adam loves it most importantly . He didn’t mind paying the extra amount for the ring . So arranged it to my size , get a free jewellery box and its done . Signed and paid by Adam . He can only collect it after a week after they resize it . I was so happy on the inside . I feel like screaming but I tahan . We will reveal the news to our friends and family about the ring soon . Insyallah . Meantime pray for us for the next phase . The buying of house time . HDB , now u can take our money . kwang3


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