Sembarang ajerr

So hari ini , kakak nak rant !! hahah  Its more about expressing my frustration towards myself . As I look at the calender and my phone app countdown . Wahhh , march is ending and december is coming . So important event like Puasa , Raya and not forgetting our engagement date is coming nearer . Yang buat saya marah is ” I DON’T HAVE TIME ON MY SIDE ” . Si tangan gatal ni pulak busy dengan holiday and gateway . My April month would be packed with the sister engagement,1 day trip to Batam and also  doctor checkup and not forgetting finalizing my birthday trip .  So we booked our hotel and ferry tix for Batam already . Already enquire about my birthday trip and I got to call up the doctor for my appointment .

Which only means my finance right now is unstable . Semua kena bayar , I need to make deposit for my trip . Change currency money for Batam . Sought out last minute item for the sister and also extra expenses should we  need to go shopping . Right now nearly everyday I think of the same damn thing . haha . So everytime i would take out my planner and then stoned pasal tak tahu mana nak buat dulu  . Ohhh in case you’r wondering where I am going for my birthday trip . I’m going to Surabaya for Mt Bromo . Yeap , to panjat gunung and see keindahan alam dan ciptaan Tuhan . And yes my friend , its my solo trip there . Means kakak akan go there alone . Just me and my soul. Muahahaha . Doakan yang terbaik


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