Cakes .. And more Cakes …

So today’s topic is going to be on Cakes !! Yes , Wedding Cakes . I am a sucker for beautiful cakes . To add on the curiosity  , nowdays Instagram and Facebook have a lot of home bakers who could make exceptionally beautiful wedding cakes . Pinterest even have beautiful pictures of Wedding cake not to mention different occasion of cakes . I’ve been following diffrent Ig and Fb acc whom owners can make wedding cakes right smack in their kitchen without those professional equipment .

Example 1 : Artistique Cakes ( from Facebook )


These are few of the examples of the cake they produce . Tell me , how can we not be swooned by it . Few good things that I know about them is that you can customize your own cake . By the number of tier, colour , shape , flowers arrangement and the decoration around the cake . They don’t only customize for wedding but also other occassion . But of course luhh jah , all these comes with a price . Here are there price list inclusive of delivery and set on the day of event . On certain months they will have promotion .

2 tier wedding cake S$300 + 12pcs Cupcakes FREE
3 tier wedding cake S$350 + 25pcs Cupcakes FREE
4 tier wedding cake S$450 + 25pcs Cupcakes FREE
5 tier wedding cake S$550 + 25pcs Cupcakes FREE

Another one would be someone whose cakes make me smile so wide . So cantik lorr . Her cakes makes many appearance at Charisma Bridal event . Everytime I check out Charisma wedding event  , I would be wondering siapa yang buat the wedding cake .  If  I’m not mistaken , this lady is the one who produces wedding cake for Charisma,therefor work hand in hand togther  . So if you take a package under them , high possibility she would be the one to do your cake .

Example 2 : nzrkhkhan / nazirah khan (from  Instagram and Facebook)


Pricing wise , I’m not sure so much . Probably not so high as other shop owners or business owners who do wedding cakes . But I can tell , she is one friendly lady because everytime I commented on her pictures , she will reply and always have something good to say . What I like is how smooth is the fondant is and not forgetting shiny . It’s like no cacatness in there . haha . Her design is not only simple but also chic and modernised . And yes , she also do for other occassion too . Not to worry .

My last example would be a particular lady whom I deal before for her cupcakes . She resides in Yew Tee , just a few mins from my house . haha . She can only be found in Instagram . A young lady but a huge talent . I admire how she can bake without anybody fussing around , in resulting with beautiful cakes . I always look forward to her bake sale because whenever I crave for something sweet , it just right smack near my house . Well , I have a functional oven and I can bake (bukan nak brag ok ) but my family is not a fan of sweet stuffs like cupcake or cake . So boring lor .So here’s the lovely Farah’s creation .

Example 3 : Farah Affandi (Instagram)


As you can see her cakes are more to the cream side rather than fondant so it is to your risk if you wish to her as your wedding cake creator . I mean you can do so and maybe she can advise you on it . Her cakes are more of buttercream , swiss meringue cream . When she put everything together like fresh flowers and all . I mean , ” LOOK at those beauties ” just sitting there waiting for you to poke your finger or even smash your face in there . hah . Pricing wise , you can enquire more when you send her an email. She is nice and that is why sometimes she is fully booked even a few months in advance .

The purpose of my post today is not to pilih kasih ok . I have a few more of my fav bakers creation I saw from the two diffrent social media . I  definately would  love to have those popular bakers like fluffbakery and etc to create my wedding cake , but you know tough it would be to book them . So I pujuk myself and say , Its ok lah , its just cake . Besides there is so many others who can do exceptionally well . So I’m always on a lookout even up till now  . hehe . To list a few ,

-Cinta Cake Bakes (fb)

-Junainah Nangin (fb)

-Exquisites Nora’s Cake (fb)

-Perfect Frosting (fb)


-Sugar Pops and Cuppy Cakes (instagram)

-Seven Cravings (instagram)


Okay coming to an end , our wedding is something we look forward to  since we were a small young girl . You want it to be perfect . From the decor , to  the bridal wear and even your cake . Look around us , not everybody is keen on the idea of a wedding cake . Some have pulut for their wedding , 3 tier cupcakes and also some even have pushpop rainbow cake . And the most trending one  is Macaroon tier .



Its always good to discuss with your partner and parents and I’m sure you can work something out  . We choose it cause we are able to share with the rest of the family . When I was younger , my cousins the one that were married would cut the cake and distribute among the family and all the family members (esp the makcik2 ) will berebut to bring home or  savour it there .I’m sure Adam will be keen on the idea of a wedding cake because if he doesn’t , then he will know his nasib . Nyahaha

Above say all that , Cheers to the weekend my lovelies . ❤ ❤

To whoever getting  married and engaged soon , have a smooth one and enjoy being the queen and princess of the day . I’m sure you guys will look stunning . xoxo


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