Goodbye April

Today is the last day for the month of March , then after we will say ” Hello April ” .  So fast time flies , we would come to know about the beginning of the month and a few days later , its the month end already . Obviously there were up’s and down but Alhamdulillah me and my closest ones pull through . I’ve been neglecting my daily prayers in which I feel so bad and regretful but everytime I reach home and promise myself to do my prayers , Allahu Rabb I give in to my laziness ,tiredness and so many excuses . Therefor I vow to try to do my prayers ,do as much as I can and not delay them anymore .

May Allah ease April just like he ease the months and years before . I’m trying to save up as many leave I could although work is tiring me out and such a bore . Love to see people out on a date,exploring new shopping centre , cafes or even just sleep at home . Nowdays, I can’t go one day without setting my phone alarm clock for the next day .


Looking forward to April only means , our second run together which is the upcoming ELECTRIC RUN .The sister’s engagement right after Good Friday . (means got one day public holiday) and the one day trip to Batam with the secondary school peeps . Other than that , we know that we are left with a month till HDB open the next BTO flats launch . Hopefully its the right location and the right environment . So looking forward lor . Somewhere in the west or north probably .



One thought on “Goodbye April

  1. eliblr says:

    haizzz… i feel you babe. i can only wait till wedding and after which i shall ease myself with non stop shopping till i start on saving for the house reno. 😦 it’s sad that i can’t afford to go for shopping just so i could clear all payments before marriage. hahah! and may Allah makes it easy for you to overcome all the tiredness and laziness to have that moment just between you and him. 🙂

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