So yesterday the mother tell me not to worry about finding the few important vendors for the wedding because my aunties and uncles have volunteer to render their help once we have confirmed to hold the wedding .  And my Godmother have also told us not to worry about the catering people because she have her own contacts and she’s gonna recommend the same catering company that does 3 of her daughters .  And by my parents review,  , the food was marvelous and even before the event ended most of the dishes and food item have finish . Not because of the company providing less food but because of the whole stream of people who came non stop , up to the point they have to cook extra just for the guests that just arrive .

But we got to discuss it together , since its a combined wedding , Adam and his family have a say in the wedding planning too . If most of it is settle maybe in time to come , we don’t have much to sought for the wedding . xx


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