Time is of the essence

We are into the second week of April already . I hardly have time to write on a new blog post but today I feel like it . Haha . Basically the start of April have been well for our side . Adam got his results for some of his previous test and assignment and Alhamdulillah , it bear  good news . Other than that , we hardly spend time doing what we love like watching movie, dine out for more than 3 hours . Lately we are always on the move , partly also when we finally have the time to rest at home . Going out seem like a torture . We would be glued to the bed for hours , deal with stuffs at home and when the time is right to head out , it would be in the late evening . Weekdays are full with us juggling between school and jobs . Weekends , same story also .

Futhermore, Adam exam is coming up so timing is crucial but if we can pull through for the past one year , why not another year . hahahahhaha (padahal tk suka sangat) . So yes , not much update about our own fairy tale because we could not even find time to talk about it . I have a lot on my hands for now .

-renew passport

-confirm my Surabaya trip (23-25 may)

-settle my batam trip and finance (25-26 april)

-settle school application and payment (closing 10 may)

Apart from that I’m thinking of joining fitness group , so if i were to join them . It only means for the whole solid 5 days , I only have few hours to spare for my private and personal life apart from juggling 2 jobs .

Enough of rambling , so coming up is our second run together which is the Electric Run then we will start to count down to my sister’s engagement . It’s gonna a long ride , figuring how my dad is so sensative about his house . Thank god for the public holiday that falls on the 18th . Ouhh and yess , Adam broke the news to me few days ago with regard to the upcoming BTO flats for May 2014 . Turns out May BTO flat are for Bukit Batok and Woodlands . Take a guess where we are have our hearts on .

Till then , XOXO


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