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I personally feel that I have a big heart , yelarhx like doing everything on my own , However bila mood malas and penat to kick in , semua setengah jalan . Today while browsing around the net , I found a few interesting blog/websites that provide wedding ideas or some say inspiration . Suka sangat , pasal dorang tak lokek .

Here are some of the ones that I feel is informative and very useful if u intend to DIY most of your wedding preps .


So midweek is going to be over in a few hours time , finally submitted the form for my passport renewal . Off to another task I need to finish off my list . Time to call for wardrobe detox . No matter how many times I keep the wardrobe tidy , it will be back to square one . Paling lama 4 hari jer , Alahai .. On top of that I’m nursing an early visit of the monthly routine blood thingy . Backache , stomachache. Semua yang sewaktu dengannya . Ok bye .

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