Alahai Mother ….

After a while not updating , here am I . heh . Okay I know our wedding may quite be a long way to go for the fact that we have settle the day and year . And yes , I am a 2016 BTB but look nowdays how time is going by so fast  , it would be in no time we have to start planning for it  .  So yesterday after work , I had a convo with the parents . It turns out my mother REALLY REALLY wants me to held the  nikah at home .

Our initial plan was to just a one day event , which means Nikah in the morning and sanding in the afternoon . She was quite shocked I wanted it to be a one day event . And she was like ” Takper , the first day event mummy keluarkan duit , just do a two day event ” . So much for being the eldest daughter , I don’t want use her money even though it would means alot to us . So her plan for us was , Saturday pagi nikah and Sunday kita sanding . Bukan tak nak , it would only means extra charges for our vendor because our choosen photographer and videographer  would need to cover for both event , She really wants us to nikah after Asar , don’t know what’s the reason but sometimes Mother know best lah kan .

However , before I slept ada jugak terpikir , maybe it would be good idea for us because since its a combined wedding . We could nikah after Asar and held a dinner event for closest friends or relatives who can’t be there for our Sunday event . Kannnnnnnn….

Above all this , I have yet to discuss with Adam . He is so busy with his exam so talking about all this will either bore him or he will not seem to be interested . haha . We’ll find time hopefully to discuss and see which one he would be more comfortable with besides I need to hear his family side decision and opinions too . Tu jerr for now .


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