PS OR TWB or …………………

I am so torn apart apart between these two . Firstly , TWB have started opening their 2015 and 2016 dates which only means the time is so crucial . Tomorrow we gonna head up to the Jentayu Gallery private exhibition and and Peti Solek is going to be there which only means I need to decide on one by tonight . I am so smitten by all the designs they carry . Adam and I have deicide to engage a bridal company and take 3 pair of outfit from them plus full andaman and all .For nikah , sanding and cake cutting . The norm right ??  Reason being , if we were to take 1 and DIY another , we were scared it will add more expenses because not only we have to go fabric hunting but also we got to find a good tailor that knows our choice of design and the comfort of it .And if I wanna look good on that , I got to make sure my husband which is the groom is also well dressed and comfortable with it .

I don’t want it to be a last minute decision , and then deciding on one then being the normal fickle me . Change it again and again . Deep within me , I know I am that traditional btb . I wanna wear the Sanggul lintang and don the sanding outfit which is normally the songket ones . Many of them whom I asked would say the same thing , “Berat tau Na , but when you look back at your pictures , it will be worth it . The sakit kepala , migraine , mcm nak pitam moments will be worth it because u get to wear it on your special day and u look good in it” .

And only one company really do a good job on it . None other than Versari Ade . I have yet to ask their quotation but seeing from other bridal company and couture , only Versari Ade have my heart on it .

In my opinion , comparing both TWB and PS . Peti solek do cater the traditional ones too. The songket designs with a modern touch . More of their client were seen with their modern traditional look as per below . Its rare to see those ex bride with sanggul lintang but after the touch of the amazing kakak2 andam of PS , the whole look is so CANTIK SEKALI . No sanggul lintang no worries , they can do your hair like Cik Tah okay . hah . Owned by Yaya and Yana , a high number of their ex clients love their service for they are exceptionally funny amd never make u feel uncomfortable .


On to , The Wedding Brocade . Tell me who tak jatuh cinta with their design . The lace , the chiffon , the heavy beading and the drapes . So far , after countless stalking their fb and ig , TWB does not cater much to songket design . They are a very contemporary , modernised kind of wedding wear . Bt fret not , if your heart is on TWB , it might be a good choice too because seeing their response for bookings, many BTB would choose them for their good review, amazing collection and the mak andam which is Katt would be gladly to entertain your enquiries . Two of my close girls have their hearts on them , Zu and Renny already make their move to don TWB outfits and I’m sure they will look good in it .

Believe it or not , after writing all this , I still have not my hear on any of them . HAHAHAHAHAHHA . I might freak out anytime soon when dawn arises, I am dead because tomorrow I would head to JB in the morning with Adam to submit out kain for baju raya to our usual auntie and then get everything done and attend the Jentayu Gallery exhibiton which starts at 3-8. Hopefully  we could be early to walk around , make a few decision and do some enquiries session to prep ourselves before putting any deposit on our choosen vendors . AND yes , Bliss + Photo Cinema would be there . We have them in mind for our event photographer .

Okay lah , I nak pergi lunch . Sambil makan sambil pikir . Finally I have set a date for my passport collection . Relief seyh . Collect kat orchard jerlarr since its a three stop away from bugis . Maybe you guys can tell your opinions on your choosen bridal comp and also advise me on which one I should take . hahahahahaha . Happy Midweek people  .


One thought on “PS OR TWB or …………………

  1. zuraxxn says:

    My dearrrrr you making me want to consider Peti Solek againnnnn. Ohemgee. Kalau tak pasal abg i suruh I stop changing my mind, I’d be in the same spot as you!! Actually in my heart I’m still 50-50 TWB and PS!!

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