A for Alhamdulillah .

Here’s how we fill our Labour Day Holiday yesterday , we woke up early to head out to JB to run some errand and to send our last minute baju raya to our tailor but the silly me didn’t call or anything , just terus main terjun only to find out close to 11am . Her shop still not open nyahh . We figure out she might be on holiday since Malaysia also celebrated Labour Day . Nasib masuk early from Tuas checkpoint , the jam wasn’t that bad . So head in , have our breakfast at MCD and isi minyak . So this is us before food , makeup less , hungry , sleepy and cranky. We figure out let’s just head out to Sg since there is nothing to do in JB , and we can always come next tues . We badly need our sleep , woke up at 7 and with our stomach full after MCD breakfast , the next best thing to do would be to sleep kan .However we have another event to go to before getting our sleep . But waitttttt  for itttttt………. This thing is going to be legend……………..dary . hahahahahahaha (* insert barney’s voice)



Back in SG by 12.30 , called the mum to tell her our situation and decided to kill time at Vivocity since our event is at Keppel Club , 10 Bukit Chermin Road . We haven’t had lunch , so window shop a while before heading to Bagus at Basement . Damn , i’ve always have my sight on the MK Jet Set Tote Bag in Black or Brown . Spend some time looking out for seat at Bagus , decided what to eat and quickly set out to buy . I decided to have kway teow kerang and carrot cake sekali when I got back to the seat , we had a small argument because apprarently Adam think i bought too much food and carrot cake is consider a main dish not a side .What makes me even more mad , he bought himself a chicken cutlet and a popiah . WHAT ?? A POPIAH ? Like as if not enough . zzzz . But we settled it in the car quickly before it got worse .

And this is the event that we are talking about


Its’ the Jentayu Gallery 10th Anniversary & Exhibition Showcase .Interested couples or anyone who would want to see the showcase would need to RSVP to them ,and they will get back to you by sending u an invitation letter to tell u that u are the lucky 200 plus couple to be chosen to come for the showcase .There was Bliss + Photo Cinema , Peti Solek , Puteri Wedding Services , Dessert Artisan , MIS entertainment , Sriwana and more . We love the goodie bag that were given to the first 100 people . So many things inside , we had our mind on what we want to approach next and so we did eventually . We had a session with Yana from Petisolek , Kak Sha , from Puteri Wedding Services , A very sweet lady from Dessert Artisan . The view of the place was so nice , overlooking the water and nature view . To top it off , we really quite enjoyed the food that was presented during the day by PWS . I met Zu who was there to see Bliss and we enjoyed a conversation together . WIth her bf and Adam together . We saw a few friends there who wanted to see their chosen vendors . What a day , we ended the event with a few more glasses of  halal mocktail and coke and left the place .




The night ended with us having dinner with parents and sleep because I need to sleep for today’s job . Muahaha.


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