B for Bridal

Yes , our wedding is 21 month away . And we have booked our Bridal out of the many2 things that we still need to book . Yup , we booked our Bridal Company already . And Yes , Peti Solek it is .


We booked them during the Jentayu Gallery showcase , mind you . We are the first couple to get to see them and place our deposit with them .The one who attend to us was Yana I think , she was good . Addressing our concern and add a few humor to it . haha . We took up the 2016 package from them along with Yaya for our makeup artist . Topping up $300 for Yaya might seem to be a lot of money but hey , I wanna look good and so does Adam . Mayb with that $300 we wouldn’t look all cakey or putih melepak or tebal like u wear tepung . hahahaha . Looking back at PS ,IG and FB page , most of the bride and groom andaman under Yaya’s care all cantik2 belaka .So our package consists of 3 outfit for nikah and sanding  with full andaman and accessories and a few more added things  that I cannot remember .

When I look through The Wedding Brocade package , it’s quite the same for ours . Having Katt the main makeup artist also require an addittional $300 top up . Having said all this , we were quite happy with our choice .Having to choose PS,  We got to don the traditional wear and also the modern wear . Alhamdulillah . Now I have to start programming my mind to lose weight . heh



I on Half Day Today , nak head in to Jb to run errands and mencekik .Yeay =)


17 thoughts on “B for Bridal

    • erianazai says:

      Hi babe !! Yes im a lefty . Haha . Yea finally made the decision for PS , i tried calling and email VA for their quotation tapi lambat sangat get back . So i decided to just go for the next best . Tkda jodoh for VA , PS ada pun dh alhamdulillah .

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