Calm Thursday

So today everything have been doing fine , I woke up and got to work . The weather today seems fine and I don’t waste any time choosing my work outfit . So basically today , I cleared my email , doing the necessary . And Yes , today I was quite happy because a few vendors have reply to my enquiry regarding their quotation . And the good thing about working in an office is that you can print it all . Good thing of having a printer on yr desk . Kesian paper company kena sacrifice ! Tapi okay wad , since I seldom eat and consume the food and drink in the pantry . hahah . So SID , SMR , CHARISMA and a few others replied . Now I can store it somewhere and when the time is right I can bring it all out to discuss with Adam and both our parents.


1 and a half hour more for me  to knock off from work and the weather have change . Have always been these way lately . It will be hot and sunny in the afternoon and come evening , the sky will turn dark and it will start to rain . Sometimes heavy one too . To top off my calm Thursday , I got my hands on these bad boys . Fluff Cuppies for me . Right after lunch , they announce there were no queue so apa lagi , we go and get some . Horlicks, Dark choc with banana top with sea salt and also  Salted caramel . Love the Dark Choc combo with caramelized banana . 

That’s about it then , one more day to the weekend and I can’t wait for Saturday night where I don’t have to set my alarm clock for the next day . So awesome feeling , okay since I got time to kill , gonna watch the re-run of How I Met your Mother . Have a good Thurs guys xx


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