Goodbye May .

It’s Thursday and it’s been a while since I posted something regarding our engagement / wedding development . Truth is , we’ve been busy with our daily commitment but neverthless still on the lookout and discussing  . I am here to post a few good news that just happen on  this wonderful month of May . For a start to this post , I have turn 23 !!! Yeap ,  turn 23 last Saturday on the 24th May  and alhamdulillah I got to experience my solo trip for a present to myself .  I had a good time in Surabaya to climb the magnificent Mt Ijen & Mt Bromo .

Solo Trip

3 days 2 night of roaming everywhere on my own . Though this trip , reward me not only with memories but also with back ache , loss of appetite , home sick and constantly heart attack and severe migraine and nausea . How can i not be , to travel to each mountain take me a 8 hours ride in the car and that is like 8 trips of Mrt ride from Yew Tee to Pasir Ris . My sleep , my meals are all consumed in the car and by the time i reach  the hotel , it would be either be late in the wee morning , very chilly and cold and not sleepy since I sleep all the way through . But I really thank Allah for the times , we didn’t drive right into a land slide , a huge drain with no barrier , steep mountain valleys , crazy traffic , and toilets that are seem to find whenever we needed them . Importantly , thank you Allah for the water heater that is equipped in both of the hotels I stayed in . haha . I have lots to tell and pictures to post , but probably when I am free enough I will post some here . Meantime , that’s me at the peak of penanjakan Mount Bromo after sun has come out . We all were there at 4 in the morning to see the sun rise . From seeing the sky full of stars , to the crack of dawn . Masyallah . I was stunned for a moment .

ImageOn Bended Knees

Proposed on bended knees ! Yes , i said it right . Adam proposed to me on bend knees before I left for my flight. hahaha . How it all happen , I also don’t know . The fact that I am so into my trip that I believed everything that happened  . From my best friends coming  down to the airport to surprise me suddenly , to his friend aka the photographer and videographer being there konon nya pun on the same flight to Surabaya to see his dad . hahahaha . It was all so real u know , nobody sounded fake or whatsoever . I was caught off guard lah , then at the departure gate already, take photo all sekali I turned to Adam getting all kneel down ready to propose and showing me the ring . I didn’t cry instead I panic , “Like ehhhhhh , what is this ?? What am I suppose to do ??” but all in my heart and head lahh . But of course , I said YES to the love of my life . So yeap , the day I left for my trip on the 23rd May was the day I got proposed . I knew he would pick that date because not only his gf would leave him on her solo trip ,its the day he beat all the odds to go down on his knees . Not that it has already been , 6 days since the proposal I have yet to wear and show people our rings because we have the engagement ceremony to happen soon . BUT , he did came up with a video for our proposal . It’s up on his IG and hopefully when the time comes , I will post it on my social media too. Just waiting for the right time bebeh .I muat say , his friend really did a good job . So yeap thats us after he put the ring on it. Image

Slow not so Steady 

Next news would be our one of the first few steps to secure our future together . It’s the launch of hopefully our lovenest . We have waited forever to see if HDB would open the May launch . Why May launch ? Because we have decided to get our house at Bukit Batok , a location not only near to our parents house but also accessible for them to come over . I can’t imagine living in Sengkang and my parents is still in Choa Chu Kang . By that , it only takes a few stops of Mrt or Bus rides to get to our parents house respectively . We applied for the 4 room BTO which hopefully where we will nurture and build our own family together .The day we got to know that the May launch is open when Adam suddenly call me when he was suppose to have his interview with SPF , of course I paniced . I was like “Mana ada , cannot find lahh .”  Rupanya , when he call me . It was the first few minutes it was opened .  Belum fully downloadable pun , so not so steady . So apa lagi , cepat2 fill up the form . Start to panic when I filled up a few ques , it wrote there , ERROR !Omg, cekik darah seyh .  Called my colleagues to stay by my side to help me , and Alhamdulillah . We send the form and got back the reply slip . All we have to do is to wait till 28 June for the result to be out . Hoping for the best as of now and hopefully it will bear good news . Insyallah . Doakan kita dua yer .


Finally he did it 

And the last news  !!!!! At 10.07am , this morning , Adam told me something that not only shock himself but  probably his entire family . My beloved bf is finally graduating and has ended his Uni life . Gone would be the days where he would burn midnight oil to study , where he would pour his worries and heartache through the phone , gone also where he will have to plan out out his study schedule to prep for his exam and most importantly , gone were the days i would need to print his notes . hahahah . I saw and witness his struggle trying to catch up on studies , juggling 2 part time jobs on top of being a student and balancing his personal and school life . His assignment and projects yang berlambak . So fast times flies , tiba2 dah nak graduate. He never believe he is smart but he definitely is a hardworking dude . Like my parents always say , “tak padan kecik” . hahahahaha .


Shall end this long windy post lahh kan . Im glad that Allah allow me to witness,go through everything that happen in the wonderful month of May . 2 more days and we shall welcome June with open arms . Nothing I can ever ask for than the health and well being of my family and love ones . Admist all the cruel and sad stories that happen all around the world, I hope Allah look over my love ones . And I hope the same for all of you too out there . Have a good month end , my lovely past and future bride to be .

Time to end my work in 20 mins time and enjoy some time with the bf . We’r gonna watch the Maleficent in theaters .


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