Photography Checked

Alhamdulillah , we have already book another one of the important component for the wedding . The people responsible for capturing our moments for the weddings . The rest of the planning will remain stagnant as of now . We decided to continue saving till we see the point that we are okay to make another booking .  Provided if we don’t tempt to promotion of whatsoever . Besides , we want to focus on our upcoming engagement . Settle engagement , then the rest will fall in place . And also we would be awaiting for our BTO result that would be out this end of the month . Hopefully by then we have start to crack our head for the other major and important component of the wedding . Ok back to the title , Yes . We have booked our Photographer  for our wedding . It’s none other than Bliss Photo+Cinema .


It only took us few exchanging of emails and 1 meet up before deciding to place our booking on them . Before that we were also eyeing and inquiring with few other Photography Comp . Our top five choice other than Bliss was

  1. The ProjectPixel Photography
  2. Theme Photography
  3. D’Shootz Studio Photography
  4. Ministry of Moment
  5. PixelMuse Photography

Tapi tak tahu macam mana , out of all their portfolios that we saw , Bliss was clean cut and very sedap mata memandang . Though we didn’t straight away said yes . We knew that Bliss would be the one . Nazri who attended to us at their humble studio in Kallang was very santai and laidback . No pressure and he wasn’t persistent about it . He asked us to see all the albums that were right infront of us and then later explain everything from the package to whatever your questions are . So yeap , Adam agrees with the choice of Bliss.For the standard of their work,their charges I would say , “memang patut lah seyh” . To top it off , we had -$100 from our package because we took Peti Solek as I think they collaborating with the “Kakak2 Sapau” as Nazri jokingly say . haha . And also when you take any package with Bliss , there is an 1 hr of Outdoor shoot . So terpulang lah , u nak pakai for after nikah or for after sanding . hehe. Videography wise , u can sign up a package with them but we choose not to , cause we have our eyes on a few others too and besides Adam told me that his Uncle have a reputable Videography comp ,  who knows boleh dapat anak sedara nya discount . hahaha

With that , 2 one vendor down .


3 thoughts on “Photography Checked

  1. szaifa says:

    Hello fellow 2016 BTB! Thanks for the follow 🙂 All the best in your planning for both engagement & wedding! I got engaged on 14.12.13 heheh so u made a gd choice of date there hahaha!

    • erianazai says:

      Hello there ! Haha . So kita sama2 2016 btb with few of the others out there . We got together on 13 feb 2012 . So the continous 13 would be our chosen date for our nikah . Haahah . Engagement date pulak lari . Hahaha

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