Out of 624 ..

First of all , Selamat berpuasa and Ramadhan kareem you guys . Been a while I updated my blog but I still log in , to stalk on you guys . hahahaha. So far, so good for the fasting month . Very cooling weather, manage to iftar with those closest to my heart and Alhamdulillah I get to celebrate with my love ones once again this year . I met my 3 sweetheart yesterday for iftar and we didn’t feel like want to balik . Talk non stop . Hahhahaha . Okay now that they already know and my closest already know , let’s drop the bomb .

Yes , our BTO application result is already OUT ! And we exceeded by 4 . Tak tahu if I should nangis or just buat bodoh . Although those we confide in told us , we have a chance but kalau bukan unit yang kita nak also no point . The reason we choose Bukit Batok is because its near to both our parents . So kira macam ideal house location . hahahahah . Macam mana ahh dorang ballot . Annoying betol . So now our feeling and harapan mcm, tergantung-gantung in mid air.But up to date, we receive the news well . Adam seems fine and I dah accepted the result.Although I really want to keep a pet cat in my own house fast.So angan-angan dia dah start. Sekali kena put on hold pulak. LOL.

Kalau ada rezeki and the unit is to our liking,we would accept it. Kalau tak, Insyallah Allah probably have better plans for us. I would probably blog about something else after this .

Till then . xoxo


10 thoughts on “Out of 624 ..

  1. szaifa says:

    Have you read my BTO Experience post? Hahahah if you have not, go read! I’ve strongly believe in “Kalau dah rezeki Allah tentukan, Insya Allah tak kan ke mana” after the whole experience! 🙂 Never stop praying to Him heheh all the best!

  2. xoizzyfauzy says:

    insyaAllah you’ll get it! my experiences with this BTO balloting wasn’t that pleasant. but lucky for you that the queue no very near

  3. jujupsie says:

    Babe, my ballot number is 637! Appt on the 23rd Sept. And as of now, malay quota is at 92! There’s still hope! All the best for us! 🙂

    • erianazai says:

      Hi babe , congrats in advance to you. Hehe . My appt would be a day before u , pagi pulak tu . Yah , i keep track of the quota . Sadly , bb ave 8 is fully book . Like the quota is remaining 2 jer . . So we have hope if we want ave 9 . Hehe .

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