Kasi Sapu Bersihh lahh ..

So,as you all know I’m those few btb who have not got engaged but already book few of my wedding vendors and have my wedding blog up and runnin . hah . If you were to ask me.Honestly, I prefer not getting engaged and I am fine changing and dragging my engagement date.Because,it was never my intention to hold an engagement ceremony.It’s just my preference lah.But alas,due to my parents wishes and also due to tamadun of being a malay,we would have one. Jadi those yang kepo2 atau terlalu concerned won’t say “TAK ADA IKATAN,BAWAK ANAK DARA ORANG KESANA KESINI” . Huahuahuahua

I will share more about the engagement preparation more when the date gets nearer.We have already got our rings way before we even start planning the engagement.So both rings settled.Up to date,I have only seen my ring twice.One time is during the purchasing of the ring and the other during the time Adam proposed to me.The concept to our engagement is simple and casual and also the lesser people know the better.So yeap, only the closest to us and also our family members would be around.We have already give it a thought to what we wanted to present each other.And obviously you need trays and all kan.And recently we got it settled too.Although small event mesti nak ada kenangan and want it to be lawa kan.
bob tray

                                            So these trays, I got it when I chanced upon Bob’s(Bonito by Bob) post in ig, it was like 1 plus in the morning .And rezeki lah,when he say he was selling it.There’s a few more design also but I have always have a liking for these trays.U can even put the acrylic transparent cover on top for wedding.He have 20 for sale.I wanted to take 3 at first,sekali think back.4 would be a better number.hahahah. True enough, Bob replied my text and said . “Okay , will add one more , so 4 for you. Anyway dah sold out tau.” 

I was like “What!!Cepat perr, and ada jugak night owls macam aku.” hahahahahh.Even his other designs were seen being snapped up and sold out within minutes.Suddenly,the mind goes all ambitious. Kalau amek lebih lagi mesti okay.The thing about me, I am so fickle minded lahh hor.But I had to snap back to reality,kata nak simple ceremony. Beli banyak2 pun,belum tentu nak use it for wedding. Nanti buat menyemak ajer.So I collected from Bob’s house over the last weekend and yeap my trays for me to him is settled. Tinggal nak lap2,polish and decorate.

So yeap,kalau dah his side dah settle.My turn pulak .Nak katakan we really save alot on getting these decoration trays. So mine already settle also.The trays below would be from him to me.We got these trays from Kak Zudyra, owner of  (Zudyra Creation).I was enquiring about her photobooth and guestbook services, so cakap punya. Sekali she day, Adik im blessing away gubahan trays tau. If your interested you can come for the giveaway. There is alot more item would be available.True enough I came down cause coincidentally it was the weekends,there was a queue outside her house already.Worried kan,datang jauh2 takut tak dapat pape.Cause I travelled from Choa Chu Kang to freaking Pasir Ris. hahahahah . I made a few friends while waiting and yeap I got my hands on these babies.Everybody was busy snapping a lot of stuff,i only got my hands on these and itu pun dah bersyukur coz there a lot more people wanting to get their hands on these trays.There were a few designs but this design stand out.Not only it was still in a good condition,everything  about it was good. So yeay,save money.

adam tray


So that’s  about it, about our trays and a small part of my engagement to come.Though I was practically the only one yang sibuk cari stuffs and all .Adam been okay,not questioning my decision and all. We are sticking together the diff components of the ceremony bit by bit.Ikutkan hati nak suroh the parents sarungkan cincin,lepas tu makan restaurant sudah. hahahaha. But yeah, insyallah everything will go smoothly. We go with the flow okay Adam.

Ouh and yess,if you guys happen to know anyone or you yourself  wanting to diy your own trays and all. We are allowing these trays for rental.At no cost at all. heheheh . Can just drop me an email ok.

Okay lah you oll’s . Have a good weekend tomorrow. Starting tonight is baking time for EID GOODIES.


6 thoughts on “Kasi Sapu Bersihh lahh ..

    • sugarfreevani11a says:

      Awesome. Prob nak borrow 3 of each kind can? Or just the white. Still toggling the idea of making my own but me being me..pelamas to the max..haha..btw cld i add u on insta? Im rhzm_nadz

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