Don’t cheat my feeling okay ..

Selamat Hari Raya  u’olls .

Not much of an update at this moment because as you all know this year go very fast . Ramadhan flew very fast, tiba-tiba dah raya . And now Raya is ending soon . Approx in another 2 weeks time . So fast time flies . Hope you all have a good time celebrating disamping keluarga dan yang tercinta .

As on my side, wedding preparation is still ongoing just that we are not booking anything yet as of now . All because of a letter , one letter that i saw two days before hari raya . Went out with Adam in the afternoon , got back and went in straight to the room . Sekali the mother call out , “Ni hah , got letter for you .”  I was like , surat apa seyh . Sekali , surat ni lah .


Can you imagine , after the blog post and news that we got with the exceeded balloting number queue , this letter decided to appear . Ever since , we got the news of our exceeded balllot number , we didn’t put in any high hopes .We took  it positively and it was already at the back of our head until I hold this letter on my hand . My reaction was like 50-50, I was screaming and jumping for joy in front of the parents. Balik bilik jer , I was in dillema . As you see , every BTO houses that you apply , there is an ethnic quota . Obviously they cannot fit the whole malay community in one block kan. So yeap , I am officially a HDB website stalker .  Everyday I clock in to work , I will steal time to go to HDB website to see the ethnic quota for my BTO house areas . Muahahaha . Am I guilty ??? Memang tak lahh .

We did talk about it , if our rezeki is not there . It’s okay . We will drop the matter and proceed with what’s important . Like arranging our engagement and making our wedding happen .It will be 41 days left as of today for our appointment . Our chosen BTO would be the May 2014 BTO project . Right at Bukit Batok ave 8 and ave 9 . Two projects named West Crest and West Valley . We have always dream and talk about having a house above 10 storeys onwards . If our luck is there and we would want to book the flat , $2k must be paid to them . Kira macam secure our unit and our house . Only then the necessary documents will all be ongoing . So $2K bukan easy to get in a sekelip mata lah kan . Lagi-lagi we have other bookings to make . Our initial plan was to find a videography ,when we got this letter . Immediately my heart was like , okay no . The house is more important .

Understand why my blog title is of the above kan ,I takot tu jerr .I don’t want to get the disappointing feeling twice . hahaha . Dah bilang balloting number exceeded , tiba2 kasi invitation letter . So naughty this HDB . Guess that’s about it then . Will blog more on other topic soon .


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2 thoughts on “Don’t cheat my feeling okay ..

  1. shonilia says:

    Hello babe.. just wanted to share that my q nbr at an earlier bkt batok project exceeded by A LOT like abt 50%? but alhamdulillah we got a flat too.. although nt tt high level uh.. its thanks to the ethnic quote. All the best to u!!

    • erianazai says:

      omg . so sorry i miss out your comments .
      Anyway thanks babe , we have officially strike off bb ave 8 , cause all low floors . pinning our hope on the ave 9 . if not , let it gooo.. hehehe

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