So inspired by this …

I don’t know if you ladies ever heard of TUDUNGPEOPLE . Well , there are entrepreneurs consisting of ladies with beautiful collection of muslimah wear ranging from tudung and even beautiful muslimah dresses .They have a few stores in Malaysia and if you guys are interested . You can check their collection at

So recently , their founder got married . None other than the beautiful Fazrena Aziz . I followed her on IG. And i must say , she is very funny . Along the way towards the big day ,she gives out tips instilled with humour . haha . I wish her and Bakk (the husband) a beautiful marriage journey together . So yes , I am INSPIRED by her wedding . Take a look . bakfaz4



Okay lah , sorry for the blurry ,not so focus pictures . I took them from the net . Nak upload from ig so leceh . hahaha . I mean , look at that . How can I not be enchanted by it. It looks even better on phone lahh ok . I love the decor . Tak silap I , the wedding was in an enclosed ballroom kind of setting .That explains how the decor matches everything and how Fazrena could decide on a suitable theme . The flowers, the ornaments all matches perfectly .I’m a sucker for these kind of wedding setting . Like dreamy , tak sakit mata type . Not a fan of those yang colour striking gila  I ever came attended a wedding with decor made up of blood red and black . Not trying to be judgemental , but obviously kita as manusia will definitely macam tertanya-tanya . “Asal black eh ?? ” huahahahaua . Okay lah , agaknya dia nak orang dari jauh nampak the event . Hey , no bad feelings ya . I totally understand if you guys choose those colours because its your favourite clr along with your spouse . Having said all these , of course I dah tanya Adam lah kan . Nak tahu apa dia cakap .


First I was annoyed lah . Dekni , semua benda tak secocok dengan mata dia . hahaha .But when I think back , Aah ehh . Kita buat kat mph . Kalau dah over sgt , menyemak pulak . hahah .Besides kita belum pilih outfit , ada nanti bila dh pergi fitting then nak pakai shades of pastel . We might blend in with the decor . Every bride and groom should outshine during their wedding. Lagipun so far tak ada company in Singapore  yang I came across  doing this . Kalau ada pun . Please prepare your $$$$$$ . So yes , I have to say selamat tinggal to this angan-angan of mine. Insyallah, me and Adam will find the one that we really like .But that doesn’t stop me from getting inspired still, because I love their wedding card and also instead of taking post wedding photo . They frame up this typography design with their initials on it .


Till next time . xoxo


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