Baby I dah besar lahh seyhh ..

Finally after 3 years of uni life , my baby graduated yesterday . Well , I wasn’t there during his 1st year . I only muncul for the second and third year .hahahah . When I first got to know him , I know him as a school boy . hehehe. So yeap , so proud of him . Not easy being a student and juggling with part time jobs and also handling a monster as your own girlfriend . Many a times , I was not happy because he would be busy with assignments and exams . So when I’m free , he would be busy . When I am busy , he would either have ended his exam or having long term school break . ANNOYING .

Still we work it through together , if we were to tell our story to people . Confirm plus chop can write a book one . 4 things I learn to be able to see this day coming is ,

Patience does’t kill you .

Time is of the essence .

Sacrifices goes a long way .

Tolerance and Understanding is important.

photo (21)

(This is us , with my future in-laws)

photo (20)

(This is us , being us )

Well , that’s about it then . A big event that happen between us yesterday . Today got Videography appointment at Geylang Baru .. Surveying the comp and their work first before we can make our decision to book our Videography vendor . Hope all of you are in the best of health . xx


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