One who went to the EXPO WEDDING GALLERIA and mehhhhh …


So yesterday after work , Adam fetched me from work and we drove straight to Singapore Expo . We missed the last few events ,simply because we don’t have time and we don’t feel the need yet to come down yet . From Bugis took us 20 mins , find a parking lot and we started to walk around . Since yesterday is the first day , the crowd wasn’t that much and also the  hype wasn’t there yet (which we actually want) because we would be busy during the weekends and kita tak kuasa to line up just to ask our inquiries . haha .

It is being held in Hall 6.So upon entrance ,the diff vendors for wedding would be at the front.And the food and clothings at the back . There was, Anggun by Mastura , Fatimah Mohsin wedding gallery,Signature wedding , Saiful Imran , Amani Wedding , Anggun Decor and a whole lot more vendors ranging from photographer,videographer ,venue and etc. It was my main idea this year to be able to attend to at least get an insight of what i might or might not be missing if i were to take their package from exhibition like this .

Truth is I don’t really like it and I am so proud of myself that I didn’t put in any deposit because maybe I might regret that decision. Glad that I wasted my money on getting food instead and the expensive parking charges.From this kind of exhibition , you can only collect a two things . Tips from diff vendors you enquire on and this ,

photo 1

(Whole lot of flyers)

As I already done my research on vendors , I strike off vendors that probably wouldn’t make any diff to their pricing and service . Most vendors I ask , would only have 200-300 offset of their package charges and while some only free gift will be given. For example, I had my session with Signature Bridal . I was looking into decor . Their price is $6788 . ONLY FOR DECOR . Their service was good and they nearly catch our interest , but the moment they mention installment plans even after your wedding . I was like, NO WAY SIA ADAM . Dahlah 6k plus , after kahwin pun masih kena bayar lagi eh . I mean, sape tak tempted kan. But we have other vendors to pay too . So tak kelakar eh .Best thing , free item is dorang nya Tiffany Chairs . Puas hati i take Jentayu Gallery kan . huahauahau. NO HATING SISTA . Just stating my thoughts .

For photography/videography area, it was a whole lot more of new vendors . Those comp yang ‘baru nak naik’ they say. I am not saying they are bad , but it surely didn’t move me to tears or shrieks of joy to be able for me to place a deposit on either one of them. There was one , we flipped through the prices for videography .$1499 , harga so swee . Sekali see the video diplayed , “EH , WHY SO FAST THE GROOM KISS THE BRIDE”. It’s like not directed well .And also since we haven’t really decide on a pre or post wedding session , we approached ESA Wedding . The salesperson who attend to us damn good you know . Package range from 1.5k-1.9k . And, tu pun i tak sign up jugak . hahahahah

So yah , sometimes its true what they say . Tak semestinya those vendors yang tak pernah buat expo gallery ni tak bagus. Look at those vendors that goes by the word of mouth. Example like Zaiton Catering , Doulath Catering,Haji Abu and ……you get the idea right . The idea is to trust your gut feeling , do not be weaken by the small gifts and their pujuk rayu . If you think another vendor is is better in quality and service with that amount of money or slightly higher . Then walk away . If you are on a budget or u feel that u are comfortable with them and the price is right, the choice is all yours darling .

As for me and adam , we have yet to find the one . At least , we make our choices smaller and we are one step closer to find the right vendors to our wedding . Just as much I want to throw my money at  them and not think about it anymore . Might as well put in a few effort to really know the quality and workmanship . Ok lah , i sound macam paham in this post but in fact . I was so so happy because this morning when I look through fb and ig again, i kind of knew what i want . So moral of the story is , SELAMAT AKU PUNYA $$$$$$$$$$ . hahahah

photo 2 (1)

(so thats me , before i sleep yesterday) look through everything . And chuck it everything in the bin .


2 thoughts on “One who went to the EXPO WEDDING GALLERIA and mehhhhh …

  1. the wedding kraken says:

    I went for one expo and din enjoy myself either! plus the sign up weren’t thaaat great. guess it’s better when the vendor you want is there so you can snap their promo… or the vendor yg tak rajin reply is there so you can corner them! heh

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