3 in 1 happiness . Like Kopi like that .

Okay a brand new week . So much so I am looking forward to another week .Specifically on the 22nd Sept . Cannot wait for our appointment with HDB . Later when the day come , I will regret I ever say this . haha . By reading most of u all nya post on HDB updates , i yang ANXIOUS . hahahaha

I haven’t got a good rest over the weekends due to running of errands . Mostly for Adam . Bukan I tau . Nak suruh dia pergi town teman belikan makeup pun susah . But this time for a good reason which I will mention at the bottom , so I forgive him and layankan . hah

So over the weekends , we got our plans running and checked . Weekends of course nowdays, include weddings,baby showers,birthday celebrations and etc.Our first plan was none other than Nazz (@eliblrr) wedding . Since it was near to both of us,we headed there first.So lucky that both the pengantin is around. Congrats darling on your beautiful wedding . Both of you looks stunning and the jeep that u posted on ig,is really cool. Sama cantik , sama padan . The food was sedap with all the live stations . Not forgetting the live band . Good choice babe .  Even Adam approves . Ouh not forgetting the teh tarik station too .Thanks for inviting us once again darling .

photo 2 (3)

(that’s us with the bride and groom) .

So we wanted to head to the next wedding , but it turn out that my parents have gone there already and since it inTampines. We kirim duit and salam only. hahahah .

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Here’s my selfie.One for the road lah katakan

So Adam suggested we headed back to his house for us to settle our finance and our wedding bookings . We even created an excel spreadsheet to list out everything. hahaha . We should have done it earlier kan. After listing everything and filling all our budget . Below is my expression . Huahauahaua

By then the sun has set , it was already dinner time . I didn’t had a meal at Adam house so we headed out for dinner .Adam recommended a new place within Jurong West . And no thank you, i won’t come there anymore . Maybe it was just me , ntak sedap pun. So next was his sister’s house to take his bond and contract papers . Lepak there for a while then proceeded to Hougang to take his new bike exhaust bike . He bought another bike . Smaller than the other . It is so call his transport bike to his new workplace . Gasak kau lah nak . Whatever makes you happy .By the time I reach home , 12 plus at night already .

Sunday a bit more relax , have to accompany Adam again. I met him at Wisma at about 1 plus . Straight away to Serangoon Broadway to return his graduation gown . In my mind i was thinking all about the lemak siput that my mum called to inform me that she is cooking on that day . Too bad Adam didn’t get to taste cause he have to rush back home straight after sending me home . What a hectic weekend kan . Nak do my laundry and clean my room pun dah malas . All for this reason,because he is starting his new job on Monday and I know he won’t have anytime to do everything.So we make use of all the time during weekends to get everything done and sorted. Welcome to the working life sayang. Slowly but surely aye

photo 3 (2)

Syukur, Allah yang maha mengetahui . Maybe he knows the real reason for you, not to pursue your interest with SPF. Maybe if you really did become a Senior Police Officer , I will see lesser of you and miss you . EKKKKS ,so mentel . But ok lah, at least when u reservist I can see you wearing uniform ahh k Staff Sergeant .

So yes,come yesterday pulak . Kan Monday , Monday blues . But nope , I was given a good and smooth day by Allah . I had lunch with a new friend Ika . A bride to be too this coming december. She’s one of Adam’s friend fiancee . Such a sweet girl and glad that we have the same wavelength . hahahaha

photo (22)

Lunch at I am Cafe , the soft shell crab appetizers we order is so damn sedap lah . But we were too full from our main that we didnt finish it . hehehe . Last but not at least , how can i ever forget . I was given a gift by the boss , it wasn’t actually a gift until he really handed me it . You see, i had another broadband line set up in the office . Instructed by my boss and company of course. So as usual procedure, with every line that we set up , we will get a new phone . Cause corporate account mah , and since last month we also added one line . It was only this month we can claim both stuff . So two lines equal 2 gifts . And then when suddenly around 3 pm , i heard this coming from my cubicle. “Psst psst” . It was my boss. hahahah . And he handed me this .

photo (24)

” One of this is for Grace (my account manager) . The other i give you . Cause I too many phones lah . “

With that , i thank you olls for reading this non-related wedding preps post .


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