Excited .

So , I can’t barely contain my excitement . Next Monday is my appointment with HDB . It would be in the afternoon and I have decided to take half day leave together with Adam . Journey to toa payoh from bugis less than 30 mins , so why not. Don’t want to waste my leave.hahaah . Planning to go to a short vacay end of year with the family .

Been stalking the HDB website, and yes .West Crest is no longer available . So no more Bukit Batok Ave 8 for us to begin with.The only available for us is the 3 blocks under the West Valley Project which is Bukit Batok Ave 9 . Crossing our fingers that we will eventually find a high floor for our future house.So I’m preparing my docs before the week ends . Office printing is the best. Coz free mahh. heh

Apart from that , last 2 week we had planned out a list on the companies that we want to work with for our Wedding Videograhy. There was a few in mind . So mainly I was the one who took time to watch most of their finishing products online.Be it FB or INSTAGRAM.So the list were .


-Red Tape Projects

-D’shootz Studio Photography

-Bcreative Productions .

We also thought of Bliss Photo+Cinema but the last time we heard , bookings for 2016 wasn’t open yet and even if it does.We have to do the process all over again. From appointment to meet up to deposit and so forth. Our intention was to get over it fast so that we can concentrate on other vendor.But to get them for our Photography is good enough already .

So far ,we have done our appointment with num 4. Bcreative presentation was very good. I really really love them. Kak Dee who attended to us was very good. Bcreative videos always had me in tears. The way they direct it all.I was pretty bumped when we went out of their shop without placing any deposit.Not because we don’t have money but because their price to begin with is  too much for us . Their videography package would be $2.6K . Kita dua dah excited tau during the appointment cause when we emailed them, we did enquire like roughly how much would it be. She emailed me by saying its gonna be $1.5K onwards.After talking and pondering, I was like might as well take Bliss sekali because their video quotation about the same also.We just feel that it’s not really worth it for us to spend that amt on our Wed Video . Ntah my children dapat tengok ke tak . hahaha . Mana tahu by dorang nya time, gadget semua dah lagi advance and high tech.

Nak amek CST production , took them so long to reply my email. Busy kot . Besides its hard to look them up because they don’t have FB for the Singapore Team. Only Instagram. Lupakan sudah.

Finally, it brings down to one. Choosing between Red Tape,D’shootz and Videosmith was no easy feat ok . I keep seeing their videos over and over again just to make sure before I make an appointment with any one of them . Pilih punya pilih. I strike off Red Tape . Finally it brings down to one, we are having our appointment with D’shootz next week . It means between them and Videosmith . I had my heart on D’shootz. Although both of their packages offer diff services and end product. I want it to be something similar like Bcreative . Tear jerking and definitely doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

If you need enquire with them, just leave them a pm at fb. So just to share their quotation if u guys are interested to take them too as your videographer .

Videography –

2 DVD sets with customized packaging

– Own choice of background music

– Intro MTV style video edit

– Pop art opening graphic

– Full interactive DVD menus system

– Interview with Stars of the day (bride & groom)

, guest – 8 hours of services

This is at S$1600.00

The deposit required is at S$300.00.

We will collect half balance at the end of the event and final payment upon completion of production, which is 8-12 weeks after your event. To schedule an appointment, please get in touch with me at 8130 6577.(kak airon)

They are known for their good bundle package for photo+video. It used to be $2.5K . Now it is $2.8K . But I must say, they have quite a demand for their service and despite people saying , ‘eh kalau murah confirm tak bagus’ . Their quality never downgrade and decreases . Instead , they keep improving with every videos that i see them posted in their fb page .

I am someone who watches other people punya wedding videos and shed tears. I am emotional part part gini . Part lain , I yang the guy . Adam yang the lady . huahuhauahau .

So Kak Airon, I will see you next week for the appointment and placing of our deposit. So yeap , another category for the wedding is going to be strike off . Slowly but surely lah kan .


12 thoughts on “Excited .

  1. jujupsie says:

    You are making me more ghairahhh too! Lol. Farhanah, which blk and unit you intend to take? Kpo ehhhh. Haha. And i’m taking D’Shootz too for my video/photo. Cheap2, Good2! 😀

    • erianazai says:

      YEAY to d’shootz babe . i must say they are getting better as time passes . hehe . We are looking to the one near the multi purpose carpark . i tk sure which block pasal Adam yang lagi tahu . hahaha .

  2. lovevintagebride says:

    Hi dear! Talking about watching other ppls videos and shed to tears. We are so in the same boat. Hi 5! Alot of times watching, alot of time with tears. In mrt, home, work anywhere u name it. Hehe. Very sentimentel.

    • erianazai says:

      Well hello bride to be yg take peti solek also . Hehehe . Yah , speaking of which , i cn cry seeing other ppl wedding videos . Kdg2 mcm over pulak , baru dengar lagu .drng ckap sikit , i dh nangis . Hahahahaha

      • lovevintagebride says:

        hello! a few of the bloggers took peti solek too. wah! meriah la blog nanti in the future. ya, i think the song moves us and also the akad nikah part. especially yang baru ni i watch, the bride in tears when she read a card from her future husband and akad nikah part also she nangis. i nak nangis jugak. hahaha

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