First Rejection ..

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My first rejection come from Andika Prak Bing Bing . hahahaha . Before I got their reply , i commented on BTB Zila (#nzsz) post on the topic of engaging the kompang team . So i asked for their quotation and all . Right 5 mins before I receive her email . I receive this pm on fb as per above . I was like , ” Oohhh Man , hot ker date kahwin kita ” . hahahah

Then I received Zila email , turns out . WAY ABOVE OUR BUDGET . She was kind enough to tell us of another alternative group which is Kelana Purba . Not bad the charges . Well u see , mine would be a combined event . So if i were to pay 550 and above for their service,just one way, maybe play for 15 mins or so  . Nanti Adam yang kompangkan I pulak . hahahaha

Anyways , I told Adam and I guess as much . He kata I gila . LOL .

‘$800 for Kompang , you must be kidding me right

.Andika is a popular sough after kompang people . U want good recitation , of coz there is a price to pay lah kan .

We wouldn’t mind increasing our budget if we feel that they are the ones that is good to grace our event . So okay , Adam

said he would ask his friends and relatives if they know those underground kind of Kompang boys.

Sabar menanti lah yer .


3 thoughts on “First Rejection ..

  1. zilarazali says:

    Hahahaha! Sebelom you dikompangkn from ur fiance,cari yg lain babe. Yours is combined wedding i think tk pyah mahal babe. Janji ade bunyi kompabg sudah. Hehehe

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