Another One Checked ..

 Alhamdulillah its finally Friday , and I only have Allah to thank for the strength and patience he gave me to go through each and every week . Adam who have just started working , is doing well too . So whenever we meet on a weekdays , the first ques would be “How’s work ? ” .  hahahah

So yesterday , we meet up after work cause we had an appt at 7pm . He couldn’t fetch me at work due to the peak hours traffic , told him to meet at Paya Lebar taxi stand instead . Our destination was at Ubi Ave 1 . It was a meet up with another of our wedding vendor . None other than Kak Airon from D’shootz . Reached her doorstep at exact 7 , though we were from Haig Road Food Centre to fulfill our craving of popiah and mee soto .

So the address leads us to her house , instead of those shabby shop or factories . Ubi mah , all industrial companies here . haha . And you know what , she have 4 freaking beautiful cats . Persian mix , Ragmuffin mix and British Shorthair mix . I was so tempted to hold them and stroke them , I control myself so badly because GILA APA . Baru first time datang dah kacau kucing org . huahaauah . And Kak Airon is too young to be even called the title kakak . She is coming to 40 yrs old but she doesn’t look like one . I had picture her in my head being someone slightly older and wearing tudung . hahahahah

Okay lah , you all know the standard procedure to every wedding vendor appt kan . From 7pm to 8pm . Sampai dah ada another couple datang pun . We were still there . And finally this ,

 photo (25)

Paid our deposit and we were done . It took us an hr because we were busy laughing away and sharing stories with Kak Airon with regards to the preview video that she showed us . And about the cats , I didn’t manage to take photo or stroke them because the couple that came before we left . The lady was not a cat lady . ( *insert sememek face ) heh .Bid goodbye to Kak Airon and off we ride back home to the west side .

Why did we took up D’Shootz ?? 

Okay so here’s the thing , before we had our appt with any of the videography vendor , I took time to think if it’s really necessary . A part of me was like , what will we benefit from taking up another vendor for the wedding , in this case the Videography . I was fickle minded too . I shortlisted a few to choose . Even right infront of Kak Airon , i was checking out the other vendors page just to be sure . And when we watch the videos , I was determined . This is the the company that i would want to work with given their service too . I wanna see my parents and friends being interviewed .  I want to see hear our choosen song to play while watching the video . I want to see every single detail of it . And when I’m busy upstairs getting ready , I want to have someone capturing the moments that is going on downstairs at the venue because when I get down , I wouldn’t get the chance to walk around and see the hardwork that I and Adam go through to make the very day exist .

And all those points up there was mentioned by Kak Airon , i wanna to have a lively wedding video . Not a meleret or shall I say draggy types . All praises to Allah , their prices for us was affordable . Within our budget . Their quoting price is 1.6K , even if we to extend it for maybe 2 more hours to max it till 10 hrs . It is still within our budget . Okay settle and done . We are not so particular regarding the video , just a vendor that is trustable and easy to liase with . Hopefully Allah ease our affairs .

Do check with your vendor if they have transportation as since ours is a separate event , we might need a transportation to put all of them in . heh


4 thoughts on “Another One Checked ..

  1. sugarlyrush says:

    I was contemplating between D’shootz and Theme’s. Find both of them did a very very good job! Met Kak Airon before and yup, I do think they’re one of the best. I choosed Theme’s Photography & Image & Motions for my videography because my husband has been dying to have Theme as our photographer.. Since he paid for it, I let him pick which one he wants. Surprisingly kak airon and one of her partner worked with Theme Photograhy before.

    Good choice and all the best to you & Adam. 🙂

  2. lovelyluna123 says:

    Hi… I met with Kak airon to book their bridal.. Kak Airon is super friendly and approachable and her cats are sooo cute! Wanted to book their photography but they were not available on my date.. so sad… 😦

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