The E-day , the day I jadi tunang orang . . .

Just like what Kakak Bey said , you like it . You put a ring on it . If can , I want to make this post short and sweet but I can’t guarantee lah kan . haha . So it finally happen, I AM ENGAGED to my bestfriend. After,2 years plus of dating and courtship . We finally had our engagement day and that was also the first time Adam’s family met my family . Not that we don’t want to have a merisik session , but for us the engagement was suffice to tell both side that we are ready to take a step closer before our next big stage which is marriage . The plan was to have a small and intimate event . And that’s why I hid it from a lot of people . Not exactly hide lah , just keeping it low . I even told some of my closest ones last minute , like a day before that . hahahah

I must say , this engagement planning is totally not a smooth free and painless journey . Reason being , I had a few arguments with my mother especially . She wasn’t that happy when I told her we could only invite a few of our relatives because Adam side will only have a few wakil coming over . Imagine , having 5 people from Adam side and suddenly my side ada like 30-40 people . Tak ker , terkejut dorang . hahaha . In the end , I had to give in lah . I basically had to bite back my tongue when she decided to call her siblings all .Don’t understand why my mother act rashly so suddenly , but before this she was all smiles and okay with the idea. My dad on the other side was more understanding and accomodating . He understand what i was trying to convey . In the end it was all good , I just let it be and let it flow lah . Tapi banyak pun tak banyak sangat orang . I basically invite my future bridesmaid and groomsmen. (I have more closest guys friends than girls) . hahaha . And Adam also invited his closest friends which might be his groomsmen too . So roughly on that day , there was ard 30-40 guests .

The night before ,we cleaned up and shifted the furnitures so that guest could access to the food easily to sit  where ever they like to mingle and eat  . So below is one side arrangement for the dishes , for the delicious nasi ambeng we ordered from kak azlin owner of DAUN LIMAU MALAY CUISINE from facebook and also mum’s specialty  mee laksa  . So thankful for my fav uncle n auntie whom sponsored us the ondeh2 goreng , epok2 sardine and kentang and also roti kirai gulung with kentang . I had also ordered another batch of delicious epok2 sayur and kentang from a home baker in Instagram (BAKEWITHMAMA) . At only $0.40 per pieces, so worth it lor . Fresh flowers for the table arrangement was bought by us at Far East Flora. The lilies was only $5 for 3 stalkes while the other table had roses for only $10 for 14 stalkes. My hand bouqet was also DIY by my grandmother , i bought the baby breaths for the tray decor and hand bouqet for only $13.60 .

photo (28)

photo 4 (1)

image (5)

Alhamdulillah , everything went as planned . Adam’s family was schedule to come at 3pm . I was glad both my bestfriends came in time to sit with me in my room to calm me down . I didn’t feel anything only until they beri salam , my heart was beating very fast . Everything happened really fast , i was like in a daze . Tiba2 jer dah sarung cincin . hahahah

photo (26)

So this is us, after its all over . After the sarung cincin moment and after Adam’s side have left . I haven’t really get most of the pictures because we didn’t hire any photographer so we had our relatives and friends capturing the moments . Those pics that i posted are raw pics , might be blurry or dark . No time to edit . haha .  I got my outfit from Kaftan Closet SG.  Lucky for people who ,last minute require a nice outfit for an event and all their kaftans are in stock .


To have a MUA was also a last minute decision , I had thought of dolling my face myself when I figure out , mybe I should get one to achieve a different look on me than the usual . Recommended by my friend , you can look her up on facebook . EYRA FARHANA. Same middle name as me . hahahah . But honestly , i wish i had told her to tone down a bit more on the usage of cream cause like bridal  makeup. She tend to give me a thick coverage . hahaah . It was fine actually , it didnt entirely make me look like a clown or panda . So given the amount that I paid , I was satisfied . She even do a simple hairdo with a flower clip even though our agreement wasn’t on the hair . Just makeup .

image (1)

(my future mother in law )

image (2)

(my bestfriends)

image (3)

(my mummy and future mother in law)

image (4)

(my diy bouquet that my grandmother did )

image (6)          photo 4

                                    Blue – From her to him                                            Pink – From him to her

photo 1 (5)

HAHAHA , my dad was the one who put on Adam’s ring . Don’t know why , it happen too fast . Too much laughter and talking , i daze out . HAHAH .

photo 2 (5)

So that’s me chilling , my last moment before losing my title of a girlfriend . Damn it lah the sunlight , hahaha . We are coming to the end of the post soon , bear with me yer cik kak semua .

 image (7)

Ouh and not forgetting , I had doorgift to be given out to the guests also . Behold , my DIY favors photo 2 (6)

I had borong the Peppero at Sheng Siong to be given out to my bestfriends and the bottles was filled with Cadbury Eclairs for the guests . I bought those small bottles a long time back for bulk purchase and it was the right time to use . The sticker was customised and printed by Kak Aishah from Facebook (STICKER SPLASH) . So cheap , 24 pieces for $5.00 . Only took her 2-3 days to do it and mailed it to me . As shown below .

photo 1 (7)

Basically our engagement was all a DIY project , from the trays to the buying of item . Finding the caterers , booking cake . We spend time to think about  it and execute it to work . Though at times, Adam was busy and I had to do most of it single highhandedly , I thank allah for the patience and strength that he gave me .

image (8)

I am proud of my choice for taking Adam to be my future soulmate . He was more than just a boyfriend . He was more like a bestfriend with me, I love that we could speak and think on the same wavelength .  He might be a pain in the ass at times but i can never fight and not talk to him more than a day . hahaha . And one thing for sure , whenever I was reminded of something , i always think it was with him but in fact not with him . hahahaahha . For example, “eh b , you ingat we got eat here before ?” Then he will be like , “HAH MANA ADA” ,nk try tak try2 jgk . Padahal it wasn’t with him . So everything that I do I thought it was with him . So when I said , it feel likes I know him since forever . I meant it very well . Will i ever want to do this again , HELLO NO . Wake me up when its 2016 will ya . Because a new journey shall awaits us . Insyallah .

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And to those wishes that we receive via FB and IG ,


muahciked . muahciked . hehe


17 thoughts on “The E-day , the day I jadi tunang orang . . .

  1. sugarfreevani11a says:

    Congrats dear! U both look lovely together. May Allah SWT bless u with a smooth journey frm ur engagement day to ur wedding n beyond.

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