Cintaku Di Indonesia …. JAKARTA to be exact .

I LOVE INDONESIA ! Most of my travelling journey covers that country .

I have yet to discover Medan , Makassar , Lombok and etc . But Surabaya, Bandung, Bali , Jakarta, Madura , Batam , Kuta , you don’t say siaa . I’ve been there and I will always go there again . Whenever I am at any Indonesia countries , I feel at home. It’s like my second home and this is where I belong . huahauaha . I can make friends and I dare to walk alone in their streets . To top it off , my solo trip is Indonesia and I never regret one bit of it . In fact , still thinking of my next solo trip there . I have a second family in Jakarta . The capital of Indonesia . So whenever I go there , I will stay at their house to shop and shop and eat.


The three of them at the front is my second family . From left , Andi , Nunik and bapak . At the back , that’s Rusydi . He is Nunik’s fiancee and they are getting married soon this december and he is a Singaporean . Jauh kan her jodoh . haha . Adam considered them as family also .Love them very very much . How i know them semua long story eh but it was indeed a good one . What’s with the sudden Indonesia thing kan , well its all about the wedding preps too . U all surely know how  Indon currency is way lower and their things is way cheaper than singapore .

I’m having thoughts of flying there next year , somewhere early of the year to settle few of my wedding preps . This is what I have in mind ,

1. Wedding Invites

2. Wedding Favors / Berkat

3 . Items for Dulang Gubahan

4 . Kain for the family and also bridesmaid

But the problem is , I have to consider how many bags I need to bring and also whom I might consider to bring together fior the trip . My Mother is a must lah kan apart from Adam . I might bring my father or just have extra luggages for all that I’m planning to buy . Add on baggage is a must . If it’s confirmed , these is the place that I will visit to do my purchases .

( For the wedding invites ) – To be confirmed as Cards in Malaysia might seem to be of the same price but diffrent design and quality .

photo 1

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

The four above pictures were send by Nunik when she went over to buy her wedding berkat to be brought here . Ceramic cup are being sold at $0.50 and having a box with customise name, you just have to add 20 cent . Best thing they have stocks , so if I happen to go there to buy like 500 pieces . They would have stocks but the downside is that , having a fragile item to be brought home might take a lot of risk unless u hand carry . hahahaha . So that also have to take into consideration.There was a lot more items and pictures that she send me , so roughly i have time to think .

Next is the dulang gubahan items and kain for the family and bridesmaid . In Indonesia , you can choose between Bandung and Jakarta to do this . I was quite young when I went to Bandung so I never really had an experience to borong there . But Jakarta , i tawaf the place like so many times. The place I’m talking about for this Tanah Abang . I remember when I came with Adam , we went straight from the airport with our luggages . From one 2 luggages , we had this really big shopping bag aka bag makcik2 keropok . I literally went crazy in Tanah Abang . Apa taknya , 1 metre of lace kain is only $1.50 . Prada lace was only $10 per metre when in Arab Street , the lowest was $30 per metre . I had everything that I laid my hands on .

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

I bought telekung , kain pelikat , baju tidur butterfly and casual wear for my mother from my last visit. So I knew Tanah Abang would be an ideal place , in case my trip is confirmed to buy all the wedding stuffs there . It was like just yesterday , i just came back from there , Miss the bakso , the morning porridge campur , martabak and the seafood dishes .

Apart from Tanah Abang , you can visit Mayestik Jakarta , another shopping heaven for kain-kain and etc . Bandung is also another popular spot , you can sight seeing and shop at the same time . Not sure about their price diffrences but you ladies can ask around for opinions . So the question is


                                                                HAHAHAAH . Insyalllah if time permits and rezeki ada , confirm plus chop . I go .


3 thoughts on “Cintaku Di Indonesia …. JAKARTA to be exact .

  1. zilarazali says:

    Babe, just GO! It really murah gilaaaa. Haha. I have been to Bandung a lot of times and the kain lace is slightly expensive than Jakarta. If you are planning to go Bandung, go Pasar Bahru. Boleh gila kat sane and takkan abes tawaf. My parents are going there again in Dec, I don’t know what to kirim. Heh.

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