Both days assigned to me .

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I was doing all the budget planning when I decided to send them an email to confirm everything so that when the date gets nearer,I wouldn’t freak out if anything goes out of track. Supposingly i wanted a one day event, then the mother voice out her concern so pikir punya pikir . Lets do nikah on a sat and sanding on sun. Hence 13th & 14th . After we booked them at the Jentayu event on May 2014, we texted them that night to tell them we wanted to do two days event .Our package included having Kak Yaya as our MUA .It wasn’t until two weeks later , they replied and said , 13th Yaya might not be available for my nikah but they will give another MUA . So of course , i was pretty bumped . I paid extra only to have Yaya make me up on Sunday only . Did I make the right choice to email them ?? Yes I did . At least my mind is at ease now .

Ouhhh , and why 13th &14th Feb ??

13th Feb 2012 was the day I say YES (to be Adam’s gf) .

And Insyallah 13th Feb 2016 will be the day I say I DO .


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