Gubahan Hantaran

Hantaran (dowry) di majlis perkahwinan Melayu adalah pertukaran hadiah atau tawaran antara pengantin lelaki dan pengantin perempuan. Ia biasanya diberikan oleh pengantin lelaki kepada keluarga pengantin perempuan untuk perbelanjaan majlis perkahwinan. Hadiah diberikan dalam kuantiti yang tidak rata dan dua kali ganda dalam kuantiti oleh pengantin perempuan


So………….I’m not gonna talk about hantaran ! Because very sensitive , tak tentu pasal ada orang terasa . You all should know lah kan. Hantaran tinggi salah , hantaran rendah pun salah. HEH . So instead , I’m talking about Gubahan Hantaran . I just placed my deposit on my choose vendor to do my gubahan for my wedding . Since dah kena warning from the mother and also all the trouble I go through to DIY those dulang for my engagement . Tak mungkin I akan biarkan sejarah to berulang . hahahah . So before anything else , I show you the designs that my vendor does for gubahan hantaran.

photo 2 (2)

photo 4 (2)

photo 3 (2)

photo 1 (2)

photo 1 (3)

I actually placed my deposit on the 7th Nov . After procrastinating about it , this month i decided to look for a vendor . This vendor is doing for my side as the fiance one would be done by his uncle . I decided not to ask any of my relatives or friends help for this matter because simply I want it to be settle ASAP .  Takyah pikir2 panjang and tak susahkan sape2 . I did list out choosen vendors but I have a budget to follow and most importantly I want to include delivery . Vendors that caught my eyes are

-Ola Lola Wedding

-Ribbons and Ties

-Hocus Pocus

-Bonito by Bob

-Love Createz

-Gubahan Cinta

I really wanted Love Createz and I did enquire with Kak Armelia but she couldn’t guarantee if by 2016 she would be doing the gubahan services because by that time her 3 children would have grow up and require more attention . At last , I didn’t take anyone of the above. Till a gf of mine shared with me her contacts . So my choose vendor is Pretty Papersnsuch . You can find them on facebook . The one who attended to all my enquiry through whatssap was Ain. Such a sweet lady .

Her booking slots for 2015 are filling up very fast as what she told me.Feb 2015 full .Thankfully mine is 2016. Biar jakun asal tak kanchong spider when the time comes !! haha

Since I haven’t really finalize the design I want , she say 4 weeks to the event then we can decide on it and her promotional price would remain the same. Ain attended to my enquiries very fast , right after I do the deposit transfer . In a hour, she send me the e-invoice through email.  So why I decided to go with Pretty Papersnsuch ??

– Per dulang is between $18-$25

-They have that modern touch 

-They have blings and more blings

-The mirror gubahan, it would not be higher than $25

-Delivery is at $20

-Return is 4 days after event .

-Deposit to book your date is $50 . 

(Above prices is promotional prices,might subject to changes)

 photo 3 (2)

I took up 6 gubahan with them and I couldn’t be more relieved . So no more stalking vendor’s instagram page or facebook . I got mine within the budget and it definitely capture my eyes and heart attention. Should you guys are interested , you can ask me for Ain’s number or pm her on facebook. For our side however , we haven’t really decided with the number of trays to exchange. As far as what I always heard and know, the girls would have to give slightly more . So kira macam 5 berbalas 7. That one later I discuss with the fiance . hahaha

Ok till then .


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