So long as on track …

        Been a while since I posted in this blog , but I did visited to read those new post that u ladies posted . I’m in the midst of clearing my 8 and a half annual leave . Cold weather makes me restless and sleepy all the time . Can’t wait for the Christmas break , cause I’m on leave for the whole week .

 If not for ,saving up for the wedding , I would be at my second home in Jakarta or even somewhere else like Krabi . Too bad have to settle for Batam this time , since the mother wanted to be out of Singapore at least . Okay lah kan , at least I can stock up on my toiletries and get a massage while I’m there . Not forgetting , borong kain for the upcoming event cause the last time I look up in the internet , Batam do have shops that sell kain2 that is cheap except not much variety like Jakarta . MEH

So , SEPARATE WEDDING it is . And we can safely say we are on track . I will be having my food tasting session with the parent’s choosen caterer this 31st Nov . So hopefully what they tasted 1 year ago would still be the same . Takut lain orang masak kan lain rasanya . So glad when I found out my mother have been contacting the tukang masak , to tell them of our interest to engage them . BUT, for my wedding its not my mother that is excited and kecoh . It would be my Grandmother and Godmother.My mother would receive call as late as 11pm from them to talk about the caterer and decorater .

I did told my mother that I would settle the decor for my side . I already have a few in mind so hopefully by the time comes, I can secure my deposit with them . She only need to worry about the caterer and also the berkat for our side . Initially , I told my mother we could agree on giving out Redondo for our guest but then she told me about how my Godmother have booked her contact for telur . So there would be one Apek who supply telur asin for my wedding . hahaha . Not really sure if she is just going to be giving the telur by its own or accompanied by something else .

For the fiance’s side , he also have his choosen caterer already . Just haven’t contacted and discuss with them yet . I’ve been told that this caterer of his is family top choice . Runs for all his relatives and his siblings wedding . I have tasted it myself and yes , it is good . Not so sure if he would take the decor together with same vendor . Alhamdulillah for the good health that Allah bless us with in order for us to work and earn our pay check .

So the big part of the wedding is sorted and settled , I have booked my henna . Will update a new post if I have the time .So nitty gritty stuff like entertainment, wedding invites and wedding cake is still under process . We have contacted Rizal from Akrab Kompang Services and insyallah if all goes well , we will place our deposit any time soon .

Having said that , that’s all for now lahh kan . Will update in time to come .

P.S-my godmother took care of me since small i was still residing in Tampines . Such petite and small woman , my ever lovely Mak Salmah .


2 thoughts on “So long as on track …

    • erianazai says:

      Hi babe , thnks for checking out my page . Anyhoos , u cn follow my fellow btb also at the side page of ny blog . U cn get tips frm them too . Hope all is well on yr side . Xx

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