Decor vendor dillema

Okay i am now in the train heading over to Harbourfront to catch my ferry to Batam . Huahuahua . Need to get a massage pronto and a bit of shopping .

So here goes , out of all the decor vendors i have listed. It has come down to two . My list consists of decor vendors who is within my budget , have the traditional and modern touch and also not bare and sedap mata memandang  lah kan .. Mine would be at a Mph while the fiance at void deck. So my two choices are ….

RH bridal or Jannah Daun Dco ??

  What do u ladies think ??


4 thoughts on “Decor vendor dillema

  1. shonilia says:

    Jannah daun babe… my sister used them for hers..she really went all out to cater to u. She also oversees the setting up all the way until mrng n will handover personally.. Def good experience for my family la.. good luck!

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