Latest Update of A & F

So …. 1 more day to the start of a new year . Did I achieve most of my resolution . Sadly not that much . Especially the part where i said last year , okay no more CARBS for me , for 2014 that is . BUT ALAS , one can never live without rice . Benciiii….. Jangan kata christmas jer , all year round . Have been mencekik non stop .

So….. the latest update about us especially on this blog of ours is firstly our letter from HDB to state that our HLE/AHG have been approved by them and that all we have to do is to wait for the next letter for our appoinment  of Signing the Lease Agreement . Hoping for a weekend appointment so we would not need to take leave . heh . I must say this process took up quite a few more months longer than the normal, because quite a number of times , our application have the lack of documents they wanted .Cause the fiance just started working,  and they wanted to have his latest payslip and etc .. Reason is  when we first apply for the house , I was the only one working and he was at his last year in school . Now that this letter is in our hands , we know where it will lead us to . So the story of our BTO will continue soon enough insyallah …

 photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

Next up , KOMPANG !! We will be having our appointment with Razli today . And Razli would a representative from … AKRAB KOMPANG  … haha . Actually we didn’t really research much into choosing the right kompang for our wedding . AKRAB is now well known ever since their performance went viral on facebook until they have travel to Kuala Lumpur to perform live on television . But being the kiasu me, I adalah listed out a few groups that i would love to engage but the one that i really really like or prefer would cost me a whooping $900 . And that would be UKIRAN RENTAK . One thing that had my hair standing was , I make the booking on 7 Dec and only today I got the appointment but it was fine lahh because I understand they were very busy and nak katakan every week they have wedding performance . Then again , I saw a few BTB having a appt with them , and I was like  EH , ABEH MINE MACAM MANA !!!!!! Huahaaua .

 Nasib , yesterday they texted me . But okay lah , since i liase with RIZAL and RAZLI (kembar ok , siblings) . They arrange a meet up with me tonight . For what they told me , west side appt Razli would attend , east side appt Rizal would attend .

photo (3)

How to marah if they are funny like this . hahaha

Last not not least , CATERING !!! 13 MONTHS into the wedding and I have not book my decor vendor and catering vendor . Still torn between a few vendors and recently I have been thinking if I should splurge my $$$ on having Anggun Decor for my Decor vendor . I really love love love love them . Even more than Jen**** which was my first choice initially . But when I told my mum about it , she was like ” BUAT APA DECOR MAHAL2 , BUKAN BOLEH MAKAN PUN ” .. hahahah . And yes , for a MPH wedding it would be 5.3K . 

So the decor part nanti2 I pikirkan , over to the catering story . So far, we had two food tasting session already . One is with an underground caterer that goes by the name of Cikgu Jumairi and the other would be with Doulath . I personally is very keen with Doulath although they can improvise their kuih2 selection and also the dessert but the rest is darn good .Not sure if we are going to have more food tasting session or just having to settle with Doulath . Hopefully , we will find the right one in time to come .

Till the next update . xx


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