Rambling updates & Berkat …..

Selamat tahun baru u alls , been a while not updating this blog reason being I have nothing to blog on but hari-hari i masuk to read you guys nya entry .hoho . Left a week to the end of January . WHY SO FAST ??? Yesterday night before I sleep , i “literally” hug my bed thinking about the last few remaining months I have with it . Actually I care more about my fav bantal , AKA Bantal Busuk . Even A knows , I cannot be apart from it during sleep except on holiday. Nanti dah kahwin how , tak kan nak bawak balik rumah mak mertua …….

(Yes , 23 and still owns a bantal busuk . Nope, not ashame at all .) heh


Okay next up , I am counting down the days to 2 holidays and 1 apt to the HDB . I have never liken the idea to meet our wed vendors,because I know my saving will drop.drop.drop . huahaauah. But still , excited to meet them too .

– 3 Feb signing of House Agreement

 – 13 to 15 Feb to Kuala Lumpur

-September to Jakarta and Bandung

We have been waiting for the result from HDB for quite some time , from the HLE process and all that makes us a kanchong couple . Our HLE process took some time because of the paperwork process , in the end all is good . But when we finally saw the amount of grant given and the date for our appt , we were so so thankful . Mungkin berkat doa ibu bapa and kuasa Allah . We did not have to take leave for our appt since its after our office hours and the grant is way more than what we expected it to be.

Kuala Lumpur will be about shopping for wedding stuffs and hunting for their glorious food and cafe . .Not sure anybody been here but first time for me and it has a pool . Yeayy . Check it out if u ladies are planning to go KL .  Won’t be bad for solo travellers too coz your hotel is right at the front of the Pavillion Shopping Mall.  So if I were to travel on my own , I won’t really worry bout my safety and my parents won’t worry about mine too . Mybe after I can experience it , shall bring my parents here ! hah                                                                                                                                                          (Farenheit Suits)

Our mission is to find stuff for our dulang like Quran , Sejadah , Bunga Manggar and Bunga Pahar . Anything that is of use for the wedding . It would be the first separate wedding for A’s family and also the first wedding for my family .  KL definitely have lots more of wedding stuffs to choose from and buy . Have to resist myself from buying kain coz that’s what the trip to Jakarta/Bandung are for unless there is mega or huge sale . Nyeheh . Haven’t really finalise that trip yet cause u know lah mothers , macam2 dorang nak beli . In my case , my mother thinking of tempah langsir kat jakarta/bandung  and not forgetting to get kain for the family members .

Ok ,as stated in today’s title . BERKAT . I am still unsure about our berkat favours to our guests . I am actually a sembarang type of person . If the mother plans on having egg and tea bags as berkat . I am fine . Problem is NO , she wants something of a higher scale than an egg or tea bags or cake . She prefer those like english vintage cup set , cutlery set , drink coster ,tuala lah dan macam2 lagi . She say to have something unedible is better coz people will remember that they got it during someone’s wedding .  Le sigh . That’s why I suggested to buy ikea cups  . So cheap and colourful somemore . $0.90 only . hehe

Free Shipping FashionDesign10Pcs/lot Cartoon Bird Cage Transparents Silicone Cup Mat Birdcage Costers Cup Pad Wholesae 3colors

In my case , I would prefer an edible berkat . Coz everytime I go to a wedding , if i get something that is not edible , I just just chuck it one side or give it away . Yes lah , I love food . But food lagi better kan . Kasi diri dan perut happy . Like malam , you can snack on it . hehe. I personally sourced out a few berkats on my own .

I like the pulut with telur idea seyh . So classic but memuaskan .I did told her we have to flexible and reasonable in choosing something as the wedding berkat coz most of the guests would definitely be my parents kenalan and my mum have quite a large number of chinese friends . So definitely , mini sejadah or tasbih have to be lifted up from the list . We are also planning on giving a diff berkat for the children and adult .

Dulu when I was younger , I use to rewang for close families wedding . We will each be given a bakul filled with berkat for children . So when we see guests with children have settle down and taken their food , we go around to put the berkat on the table . Nowdays takda pulak orang buat gitu . In any case all that i have stated is just to my personal preferance . If u are giving out eggs or tea bags on yr wedding . JUST DO SO . Coz i always take my siblings egg berkat to eat in the car after the wedding . And during A’s brother wedding , his mother had the tea and egg berkat for the wedding . Quite creative her packaging . I had the tea the next day during breakfst . DILMA tea so heavenly . mmmm

So far , after tonight I am left with


-Wedding Invites

– Entertainment

-Wedding Cake

I am having my meet up tonight with my decor vendor , Cik Mala .Recommended by my girlfriend Zu , owner of xhellosunshinex.wordpress.com . hehe . Like finally . Only Zu knows difficult it is  to meet up with Cik Mala coz she is so so busy . Murah rezeki dia lah kan . Definitely cannot wait for it . Prolly will blog about it soon after meting her up . Was torned apart between RH Bridal and Jannah DaunDco and after a few votes and discussion I had my heart on RH Bridal but when i think back , might as well take Cik Mala coz their concept quite the same already but way cheaper than RH . Between RH and DaunDco only a diff of $100 for MPH setting …

Counting down to 6pm for me to get lost from the office .. hehehe

Have a good lunch ladies . xx


5 thoughts on “Rambling updates & Berkat …..

  1. zuraxxn says:

    Your KL hotel sebelah pavillion je seh!!! Bestnye!!! Update me on your KL trip and what you got from there! I go masjid india for the Quran all 😀 MISS YOU LA 💕

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