Both Decor down ..

Helloo ladies . So yeay , prior to my previous post last month . I mentioned on how I have book CIK MALA (underground vendor) as my decor vendor for the wedding . To recap everything for my side , I have already place my deposit on her to block the date . So she will come a few months earlier to my place to recce the venue and also for me to set the colour theme for my big day and probably the next time round for me to place more deposit to her. It will probably in the month of October.So mine is done . So next up is Adam’s turn . And Adam choosen vendor happen to be, JSS DECOR OR WED’ INC PETALS.

Surely you guys are familiar with this comp , quite a number of people took up their decor services and you can see their works in fb or instagram . Since ours is a separate wedding , we got to find our own wedding decor . Adam asked for my help to do the research and inquiries. There was so many to choose from TAPI member cakap dia ada budget to it . Cannot mahal2 punya . Kalau boleh below 3K . I was like OK I THINK I KNOW WHO IT WILL BE . 

Adam’s reception would be held at the VOID DECK while mine at the MPH . So that afternoon during lunchtime , I texted Adam asking him if he wants to book his decor comp , I told him about their rate and all and how I love their work especially for a void deck wedding. He agreed after I send him few sample of their amazing works . Both of us are taking ala-carte services for our different components of the wedding . Senang kata , NOT FULL PACKAGE . Because we had our own caterer in mind , and to think back it would be cheaper this way based on what we have choosen . Below , are few of their works provided in their facebook .

I was so so glad , i made the decision to contact their in charge ASAP . I got in touch with Andriana , and she is the sales rep for Wed ‘Inc Petals . Ask her is they have an open slot for our wedding date , and turns out .

THERE IS ONLY ONE MORE SLOT” . Means ours is the last slot then she can close booking for that date . They only take two booking per week and it depends which party have their solemnization first . Priority usually goes to bride lah kan . cause usually nikah at the bride house kan . Which means if you are the bride booking them for your wedding , they will come on Thursday and Friday siap . As for the other party , Friday datang . Saturday dah siap .

Our appointment with her was on a Thurs , 29 Jan at ard 9pm . Luckily it was at Jurong , it was near for the both of us .  When we reach at the place she stated , it happen to be for another couple who would having their big day this coming March . She was there to do site recce along with the caterer . Andriana was together with her husband and her cute daughter . She had us sat at one corner and explain all her packages . I could tell Adam really have set his eyes on them . Mana tak nya , within his budget . So nice and sedap mata memandang . I nearly regretted my decision not to take them tapi even if i forfeited my deposit on cik mala . Bukan ada extra slot pun . hahah . They believe in simplicity goes a long way .And they hit it really well . Love all their works given the price that we would be paying . My future in-law doesn’t really care about fresh flowers or those extra2 fancy flowers . So Adam was quite lucky to secure them as his decor vendor .

Adam haven’t really decide if he would be taking the chiavary chair as well or on the colour theme . Tapi tu later lah hor . Ouh yes , one more thing . With them , if you guys want to have the couple seat for the dais/pelamin . It would be additional $150 . We opted out for that because over at my place , it would be the couple seat. So after Adriana explained everything including the deposit money and all . We straight away sign the papers (NOT ME LAH , ADAM) . 

Deposit was made through i-banking because my sayang brought less than what we are required to pay . hahahah . What i love about them is that , THEY EVEN HAVE A SALES ORDER INVOICE . Once we place our deposit , she will email the invoice to u or give u the invoice on the spot . Not those sembarang one. So good , tak kasi kita risau in case the vendor decide to cabut or whatsoever . OK TOUCH WOOD . heh . The next meet up with them would be 3 months before the wedding , where they will do the site recce and plan out all the details .

photo (1)

So yeay , both side book and settle . There’s so many things to share but i lazy lah kawan2 . hehe . When i am bored or have time on my side . Surely i would blog them . Like my

-recent deposit with my caterer(last weekend) 

-sign lease agreement with hdb (two days ago) 

and few more other topics than planning the marriage .

I can’t hardly wait for my trip to KL next week , i need a time off . So hectic and tired these few days . Counting down yo .

Till the next topic , xx


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