Sign Sini dan Sign Sana

Since I have free time right now , clear my work and update most of the stuffs in the office . Gonna blog about my visit to HDB three days ago . So we are done with the first stage , Selection of Flats . Didn’t get a good ballot number but luck was on our side. We choose our house based on our own personal criteria. High Floor, not facing the sun and etc . So , West Valley it is.

Appointment at 6.20. End work at 5.30 . From Bugis to Toa Payoh i thought it would be quite fast but sekali, I was late for a few minutes. Only to reach and seeing the door close . Only people with appointment are allow to go in. Nasib Adam dh kat dalam. Caught up with him just as he was about to enter the room . Panic sekejap seyh . Security pulak tu muka garang .

We was serve by a Malay Pakcik this time round , since Malay okay lah . Not too awkward or too seram. We joke a bit while signing the letters . He explain about our loan and all . Asking us about returning the 2K payment only to joke that make sure, Adam give me back the 1K . hahah . So far , we are relieved and thankful about how things are going on between us for the house process . The Loan and HLE  that they gave us was better than what we expected .

 Then , he went to a page on his computer screen that shows our estimation date for key collection .It would be

28 February 2018.

That’s like two years after our marriage . Same month as our marriage . Sama month as dulu jadi bf/gf . haha

Supposingly to be 2019, but then he told us it would earlier and the date is set . So ok , 2 years to save money before we can call it RUMAHKU SYURGAKU . hahaha . Masa tu I tak talk much to Adam cause we got into a fight during the weekends. Its quite trivial so to speak . haha . Then nak create a small talk , he handed me a paper .

Wah member naik gaji seyh . Not even a year and they raise his pay . Keppel why you so good !!! Le Sigh .But Alhamdulillah his rezeki murah . But the work and pressure he always mention he had at work , Tuhan saja yang tahu .  He deals with deadlines kinda thing , and I definitely cannot work under pressure. hahahaha .

Sign a few papers . And we are done . Tak sampai 30 minit gitu loh . The pakcik gave out a few advices that we felt was good . He mentioned about “kalau boleh jangan take credit card or owe the bank too much” . “Don’t get a car unless you really feel u can work things out around your budget” . Not only they will find out, it could affect your HLE too . We said our thanks and off to our next destination . So that’s about it , our second appointment to the HDB . So yeap , our mandatory wefie together before leaving the place .


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