8 thoughts on “

  1. zuraxxn says:

    I don’t trust this one lei.. The last part, “is it someone your parents would want there” but if yes and parents not paying for the wedding, then eliminate?? Where can liddat right?

    • erianazai says:

      HAHAHA . aku pun tk tahu nyah , i only like the point where . is yr parents sponsering then Yes . Invite them . Ni kira mcm short cut , tak payah pening kepala punya approach . hehe

  2. myflairaffair says:

    Hehe, at last will be up to our parents lor! Up to date, I have absolutely no say to who they wanna invite, so long they are paying for it, i tak kesah sangat dorang nak invite satu kampung! lol. good luck with the guest lists babe! insyallah can…

    • erianazai says:

      agree strongly babe . the more kita nak argue pun tak guna . in the end kita sibuk kat pelamin , bukan nya boleh ingat pun sape yg kita invite datang ke tak . hahahaha . good luck with yr preps too babe

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