In Social Media , everything spread like wildfire .

Assalam lovely ladies , so talking about media . I’m not gonna talk about the recent slashing incident . Tapi the topic is so on point kan , cause we got to to know it when people upload it on facebook and ‘BOOM’ , it becomes viral . I hope both boys will learn a lesson from it , it takes one to know one . I mean who the hell would grab a parang in front of so many people to kejar somebody unless he feels provoked , angry or simply HIS WIRE DAH TRIP . HAHA

Okay instead , I’m talking about a vendor of mine that I have engaged and then replaced them with someone else . It would be my Gubahan Service Vendor . Here’s the story , I engaged them way before this particular story arises and was told to me by a fellow btb Zuraiin . I’m sure some of you would have read one of the post by our fellow  ex btb mention that her friend knew somebody have been using her gubahan item way before she can even use it .They found a receipt and a earring in the CHANEL bag . The bag that took months/years to save and then only to be found out you are not the first owner to use it . There’s more to the story but this part already make my hair stand . I might not know the real story or both side of the story so therefore i won’t comment much . What I know is that , I got to tell the fiance and mother and source out another vendor . I might not get a CHANEL , but I can’t stand orang tak amanah .  Best part is , their last post on fb is that they will have another fb acc and change their name . Up till today I can’t find them anywhere or maybe i don’t bother. Luckily for me , my deposit was refunded because i contacted them and mati2 nak tahu the real story . The person in charge simply say everything have been settle , and if i have doubts she wouldn’t mind refunding me back and she tak rugi apa2 pun . LIKE SERIOUSLY KAN !

Pretty Paper and Such , i might not know your new facebook acc but I hope all the best to you . Alhamdulillah Allah allows this to happen before we can take a step further .Got to thank both btb and ex btb for telling me and also posting her story here .Social Media definitely have a strong part to it . If this didn’t happen , I wouldn’t have know my next vendor . Kak Aida from Gubahan Sweetz Creation .


She have a few packages to offer if you ladies would want to take up her service . For me it is so berbaloi and worth it . Best part of every package include delivery and collection . So i don’t have to trouble anyone to return it even if my honeymoon was on the next day or night itself .

This is what my package consists of ;

1) Wedding Package ‘Kasih’ 

-Rental of 5 trays with Gubahan services

-1 decorated cake box

-1 Sireh Junjung/Sirih Dara

-20 Bunga Rampai

-Delivery & Collection.

Both me and A haven’t really confirm how many trays we want to exchange but 5 seems good enough lah kan . haha . However kalau lebih pun , we can just take ala carte of another 1-2 trays . No problem . Tak payah lah my mum nak susah2 cari orang to do the sireh junjung or sirih dara . IF you ladies are interested just leave her a PM and she will definitely get back to you ASAP . Some of her works that I love are as such ,

All pictures are taken from her fb , so if you all nak tahu more . Go ahead and stalk her facebook . haha . I came to know about her from another btb that engages her too . Siap dengan bridal decor and car decor . Can’t really remember who , but THANK YOU babe for writing a post about Kak Aida services .

Can’t wait for the meet up with Kak Aida to choose the theme and also tell her my ideas . Ouh and one more point , she is flexible , if you guys have any colour theme in mind , she wouldn’t mind making it happen . After all , it’s your wedding she say . I’m not so sure yet if I require any other service from her yet . Maybe shall suggest to the fiance to take up the bridal car deco and etc . Insyallah in due time .

Sometimes all this planning makes us sick to the stomach , Say No to holiday , Say No to shopping and sometimes Say No to makan besar . And my fave line to the fiance nowdays ,

CAN WE GET MARRIED ALREADY?????? (hahahahaha)


13 thoughts on “In Social Media , everything spread like wildfire .

  1. zhafarinna says:

    OMG?! Is this for real sampai to the extend that vendor pakai bag orang tu sebelom that person even uses it?! Such dishonesty! Glad that you had stop engaging them babe!

  2. nzxxsz says:

    Hi abbe, I am one of her client and yeah she did mention that she has another FB account and she pm-ed me to add her to her new account. Till now I haven’t add her yet. But unlike you I didnt confront her about this issue maybe pasl I pun dah malas. Haha. But she refund back your deposit eh?

    I also didn’t expect that she used her client’s hangbag. Sigh. We didn’t know the real story yet but better be safe than sorry, I engaged another vendor to do my gift trays and sirih dara. 🙂 Glad to know that we knew this matter now rather than later.

    • erianazai says:

      hi dear , yeap once i knew about it . the day after i tnya dia lagi how true is the story . I could just let it go and then tawakkal on my part , tapi the prob i dah bilang my mother . So have to cari org lain , if not anything happen . I yg di persalahkan . hahah . She refunded me pun on a bad note , kira mcm dia tak rugi apa2 pun if i decide to tarik diri . ohh well . Glad you found another vendor jugak babe . =)

  3. shahirrrah says:

    the story was from me. but i da lock it la since my friends deleted their posts on fb and I feel it wont be nice for my post to be still hanging around here. Yeah the story is true and the husband n wife settled with the vendor already.

    anyway, luckily the event came to light if not by now masih ade BTBs yang nak engage PPS and PPS will still continue “using” the stuff that is not theirs.

  4. shydasairi says:

    Good choice babe! I took Kak Aida too for my and my fiancé Gubahan services including bunga pahar and bridal decor. Heheha!

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