Temptation in my heart .

It’s finally Friday . Alhamdulillah . huahauaha . Planning to make good use of my weekends this time round . We have plans to go and buy A’s barang dulang .  Will be $5** poorer . Insyallah Allah reward us girls with better things . hehe  . Don’t really understand with the concept of collecting helmet designs and then call it investment . hahah . So , since its Friday . Cleared most of my paperwork and (pretend to be busy) only to stumble upon an email that send me a tingling sensation to my back .

photo (1)

The well known and talented , Kak Yumi  Ary responded to my email . Not sure when I send her an email but all I knew I send her an email during dinner with A . I was talking to A if he thinks there might be better a better choice than Peti Solek . So si Gatal ni pun pergi lah send email . Bila dah send , I was like “APASAL I TAK WHATSSAP HER EH?” . Padahal I already book her to do my bridesmaid and my family members(my mum and 3 other siblings) make up and she is in my phone contacts . Okay never mind that . TRUTH BE TOLD , I have a major crush on her make up skills . Though I am getting Yaya’s touch from Peti Solek . Takut2 , nanti my bridesmaid and my family members make up lagi BOOMZ dari i  . hahahahahha . I have faith in Yaya’s tapi kalau hati dah berkenan kat satu . Tengok apa2 pun yang lain macam mehh .. tehee

And the rate she gave me for the package is slightly lower than my package with Peti Solek . Kak Yumi already have her own bridal wear and page . And I have not mention this to A , but the TEMPTATION is there . (*wails)

YOU FEEL ME … its like a FULL package . You dapat MUA yang tip top and the collection completes everything .

Ni i takut , I bilang A and he will show me his sweet and sour face . Confirm plus chop , his first question to me will be ..


Kalau nak forfeit deposit , bukan  sikit seyh . $8** can do us so much .

Nak buat solat hajat macam mengarut pulak , masa pilih jodoh tak nak buat . hahahhah .

Nak ikut hati ker , nak ikut perasaan . Okay mybe bilang A dulu , mybe nanti dia dah membebel i can decide . hahaha

Enjoy the weekends you uolls ,

                                                     Sincerely ,

                                         BTB yang gatal/gelisah.


4 thoughts on “Temptation in my heart .

  1. ourtimecapsules says:

    I took her for my songket outfit (MAD LOVE WITH HER SONGKET COLLECTION ESPECIALLY THE PURPLE ONE!) and make up for sanding + nikah. I must say, her package is really really affordable!:) Maybe because baru but hey! I grabbed the chance lol

  2. Noor Syahirah says:

    Hello. I sungguh agree to the beli helmet mahal2 untuk buat investment. In the first place pon, i fikir like why ehhh just a helmet can cause you so much. But truth to be told, eventually they call it investment because once that particular design is off the market, people will sell it at a much higher price tau. It can even go up to 3k 🙈

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