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Haha . So this post is non-wedding preps related but instead to rant on my recent addiction for . You can find all sorts of things there . Ranging from supplements,groceries,skincare and even MAKE UP . So this is my haul of what i purchased JUST last week .

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Both of them reach me at different address and diff timing mainly because I had the top one ordered earlier and send to the house directly  until I found out that my dad had complained that he feels that his old illness might seem to react again . He suffers from stomach ulcer 10 years ago and alhamdulillah , we mange to cure it and keep it in check . But nowdays , he drinks kopi and all , tak ingat dunia . So my mum suspects that his illness might arise anytime soon . So I look it up in  google , and many user suggested the Mastic Gum . What is known about Mastic Gum is that , it has been used for centuries by traditional healers for stomach distress . Prevention is better than cure kan . And have it . I tried looking up if any store in Singapore sells it but NAH . Not even GNC OR UNITY .The peanut butter and tea would be for me only because my best friend recommended it .

I LOVE iHerb because they  take not more than 1 week to reach you . Even more better is , their shipping fees is only $4 unless it’s urgent you can opt for DHL express shipping . They are using Singpost but fret not . They will send directly to you , means you got to sign it once u receive it , only then the whole process is completed like so .

photo (5)

So check it out ladies , if you intend to get supps for hair growth , vitamin c pills or gummies , elf makeup , makeup brushes ,vegan or organic products , bath and beauty items or anything that Singapore doesn’t offer .You can always try looking it up in iHerb . Even if you can get it in Singapore , iHerb prices would definitely be slightly lower .To add on , you know this brand below , their products is so cheap on iHerb compared to Watsons and all . Already eyeing the one for dry skin on my next order . And also Physician Formula makeup products . I heard their bronzer and eyeshadow products are superb and affordable .

 Guess what , I already submitted another order on this PUAKA website . HAHAHA . But this one is mainly for my mother .

photo (7)

Raw and Organic Manuka honey is only selling at $40 plus . We look around to get a good Manuka honey for the household , and most of it reaches up to $100 plus even for a 250g bottle . Before I forget , iHerb is well known for their promo code too. hehe . Just look up in google for iHerb code , and you can use it upon check out . Can even get $10 off for first time purchase or 5% disc for purchase of more than $40 .

Here’s one – (HVM170)

And if you BTB are in the detox and dieting mode or eating clean mode , iHerb would be the great place for you guys to stock up on those good products like chia seeds , flax seed , organic spices , protein shakes and even organic coconut oil .

Happy berbelanja ! haha


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