What no live band ahh ??

Assalam semua , it’s Friday . Alhamdulillah . Okay so this post is about the Entertainment Vendor . After much discussion and consideration between live bands and deejay services . It has come to one . We are choosing Deejay services to be a part of our wedding .  This decision is both made by me and the parents . I am more on the live bands side but my parents prefer to have a Deejay kind of thing . Not sure why , patut dorang generasi yang lebih tua should like the live bands type , ni pulak terbalik . I am the one who prefer to have all those Gurindam Jiwa Songs . haha . Okay lah maybe they are not too old . My King is only 50 yrs old while my Queen is 49 . hah

So these are the few vendors that I have found and enquired on and I need you guys to tell if you happen to have another contacts for Deejay . And Yes , my parents would love to have it with Karaoke . I don’t like it  but they do though I know of a few relatives of mine who can really sings .  Since both of them wants it , might as well give it jer lah .haha . So these are few vendors that i ask for their quotation .

– MIS Entertainment & Events

-Arjuna Entertainment (Fully book on our date)


-Asnisa Crew Entertainment

-Heyzee Entertainment

So the question is , Does anyone of you ladies know of any other good Deejay services for me to enquire on before I put my deposit on MIS Entertainment and Events as I feel that their prices is quite affordable and considering how good the reviews are on their Facebook Account .

And does anyone of you or you know of anyone who took MIS ? Share with me and comment below okay .  xx


3 thoughts on “What no live band ahh ??

  1. kefreenhyda says:

    Hey i took MIS hehe no regrets as I have seen their work couple of weddings. You may look up for Xcluesif Productions at FB under Aby Sheikh. =)

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