So as of today , 21 April . We are 299 days away from our matrimony . From the 300 days countdown to now . Truthfully , I and the fiance still haven’t feel the nervousness and the excitement . Only when we see other couples or our own friends , happily sharing stories about their marriage or seeing them go everywhere together then we would say  “Best nya Kahwin” . But the idea of it , will die soon enough after we got back home . haha . Other than we are still enjoying time with our family and friends . I still feel reluctant to live away from my parents and of COURSE my bedroom . Now days my weekends is filled with spending time at home with my parents . I can stay in the house all day in my baju butterfly . hehe

photo (8)

So what am i left with with regards to the wedding prep .

– Wedding Cake 

-Wedding Invites

-Wedding Favours ( Adult & Children ) 

Am still not sure if I should hire a vendor for photobooth . I personally don’t see it as necessary , it’s just like one way of entertaining the guest and maybe getting the copy of the photo for keepsake reason . I’m good with just guestbook signing . We’ll see how , i’m leaning more to a DIY photobooth . And no better saviour than Pinterest . Will write a draft soon about the DIY photobooth , if its a concrete decision . (can’t help it , a Gemini . always so fickle ) haha 

Other than that , all is good . Except I still haven’t tried to lose weight . This part I hopeless . Alhamdulillah , i’m at a stage of changing myself for the better . I’ve been donning the hijab often . I’m not saying I’m at the herhijrah state but one got to start whenever kan . I remember someone told me “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” . True enough , before I don the hijab , I cut down on skimpy clothes , sleeveless , tube top and started to wear those clothes that have more kain . haha . I usually shop at Zara ,Mango and also H&M  for their long sleeve printed tops and all , after a while I realised all I ever have to do is to just don the hijab . If I already tutup most of my aurat . Would the hijab be anymore hard. And so I did , and still trying each and every day . So yup , nowdays more money goes to buying of tudung and shawls . hahah

Not at the stage where I will don it permanently just yet , I don’t want to be seem as hypocrite and all but wallahi I am trying to be at my best akhlak and iman everytime . I don’t want to be the girl who wears tudung but never do my 5 times prayer or the one who wears tudung but what comes out from her mouth is swear words and all and also wears the tudung but is seen acting intimately with the other gender . So I am taking baby steps towards my goal to be a better muslimah . So forgive me if u guys recognize me wearing wearing the hijab on and off . Still trying bit by bit .

So thankful that the family and fiance supported me with whatever decision I take . They never judge me, but just keep reminding me and I like how they show concern like that . I like the new journey so far ,

– no weird stares or looks from weirdly looking guys in MRT or BUS

– the other gender tends to respect you more (my guy friends think twice abt touching me or hugging me when they say hi ) hahaha

-friends remind u of places that u should better avoid (like those no pork no lard ) kind of store

– no makcik2 or pakcik in public who looks at me from ‘atas bawah’ . LOL

A whole lot more of reasons but Yes . Allah is the most merciful and forgiving . If you works towards something good , he will ease everything .It’s just that , its funny when some see me don the hijab , colleagues and chinese friends especially will think i’m getting married or married already . haha . So cute .  When they know its a personal choice , all is good .

So yes , Salam Rejab everybody . I feel so sayu seeing people posting about kelebihan bulan rajab . But I know what makes me sad is that , this year is the last year I celebrate ramadhan and syawal as a single . Not having to iftar more often at my existing house and also this year will be the last year I will help to do the kuih raya at home . By 2016 , a whole lot of lesser time will be spend at my existing house . Not that I will stop entirely , but to juggle two houses . Must see lah who you have to help and priorities kan . hurhur

Can’t wait to break fast later . Till the next , xx


11 thoughts on “

  1. msconeflower says:

    Hiiiiii! 300 days countdown?! 13/14 February 2016?!?!?! Samaaaaaaaa!!! Hi-5!!! Got wedding kaki!! 😂😂😂

  2. szaifa says:

    This post is just.. so touching. It’s like I can feel your sincerity through this post of yours. May Allah bless your intentions towards doing something good and semoga ia terus berkekalan. Amin!

  3. darlynke says:

    I totally understand what you mean on th whole hijab hijrah issue, because that’s exactly what I am feeling now… Insya Allah, Allah akan lapangkan dada kita dan kuatkan nawaitu kita 😊 And congrats on th less than 300days countdown!

  4. nzxxsz says:

    Insha’Allah slowly but surely. It ok to take baby step, as long as Allah knows your Nawaitu,your sincerity, that is important. Don’t mind what people say about you donning hijab. insha’Allah akan terus istiqamah. 🙂

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