Trying my Luck . hehe

Salam ladies , this post is gonna show how thick skinned I am . (ok la , not too thick ) HAHA . Does anyone of you happens to be working at Gucci or knows of anybody who works there . I am currently surveying for the fiance’s dulang stuff and I decided to get him a belt . Just like the one shown in the pics .

I know I could kirim my friends who travel overseas and ask them to get for me there but the trouble is , their flight roster is not schedule for Europe . And I tak nak trouble them also to kirim2 stuff . Dah kirim satu , might as well kirim banyak2 . Nanti dorang pikir apa pulak kan .  So kirim salam ajer lahh . HAHAHA

So yeap , if you guys could feel me on this post . DO tell me okay . Just want to know if this model is still around and what is the pricing . And kalau boleh , ada DISCOUNT tak ? haha

I would be utterly grateful and thankful if I am able to save a few more hundreds ,

dollars and cents by buying this baby here . hurhur

You could comment below or just give me your email and I will get back to you ASAP . Jazakullah Khair


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